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Computational Complexity of Multivariate Problems

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the computational complexity of multivariate problems.


Six Superlative Sources

· Traub, J.F., and Werschulz, A.G. 1998. Complexity and Information, Cambridge University Press.

· Sikorski, K. 2000. Optimal Solution of Nonlinear Equations, Oxford University Press.

· Plaskota, L. 1996. Noisy Information and Computational Complexity, Cambridge University Press.

· Wozniakowski, H. 1994. "Tractability and Strong Tractability of Linear Multivariate Problems," Journal of Complexity, Vol 10, 96-128.

· Werschulz, A.G. 1991. The Computational Complexity of Differential and Integral Equations: An Information-Based Approach, Oxford University Press.

· Lloyd, S., Traub, J.F., and Wozniakowski, H. 2001. Continuous Quantum Computation.

Other Excellent Sources

· Journal of Complexity. 1985- . Many papers on the topic.

· Traub, J.F., Wasilkowski, G., and Wozniakowski, H. 1988. Information-Based Complexity, Academic Press.

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