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Native American Ethnohistory

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Native American ethnohistory.


Six Superlative Sources

· Russell Thornton, editor, Studying Native America: Problems and Prospects (University of Wisconsin Press, 1998).

· Colin G. Calloway, editor, New Directions in American Indian History (University of Oklahoma Press, 1988).

· Frederick E. Hoxie, Parading through History: The Making of the Crow Nation in America, 1805-1935 (Cambridge University Press, 1995).

· Richard White, The Roots of Dependency: Subsistence, Environment, and Social Change among the Choctaws, Pawnees, and Navajos (University of Nebraska Press, 1983).

· James Wilson, The Earth Shall Weep: A History of Native America (Grove Press, 1998). General textbook narrative.

· Ethnohistory. Journal of the American Society for Ethnohistory, published quarterly by Duke University Press (1953 to present).

Other Excellent Sources

· David Rich Lewis, Neither Wolf nor Dog: American Indians, Environment, and Agrarian Change (Oxford University Press, 1994).

· David Rich Lewis, "Still Native: The Significance of Native Americans in the History of the Twentieth-Century American West," in Clyde A. Milner, editor, A New Sigificance: Re-Envisoning the History of the American West (Oxford University Press, 1996), pp. 213-240.

· Richard White, The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 (Cambridge University Press, 1991).

· Elliott West, The Constested Plains: Indians, Goldseekers, and the Rush to Colorado (University Press of Kansas, 1998).

· James Axtell, The European and the Indian: Essays in the Ethnohistory of Colonial North America (Oxford University Press, 1981).

· Alexandra Harmon, Indians in the Making: Ethnic Relations and Indian Identities around Puget Sound (University of California Press, 1998).

· Melissa L. Meyer, The White Earth Tragedy: Ethnicity and Dispossession at a Minnessota Anishinaabe Reservation, 1889-1920 (University of Nebraska Press, 1994).

· Brian C. Hosmer, American Indians in the Marketplace: Persistence and Innovation among the Menominees and Metlakatlans, 1870-1920 (University Press of Kansas, 1999).

· Francis Paul Prucha, The Great Father: The United States Government and the American Indians, 2 volumes (University of Nebraska Press, 1984).

· Peter Iverson, When Indians Became Cowboys: Native Peoples and Cattle Ranching in the American West (University of Oklahoma Press, 1994).

· Martha C. Knack, Between Boundaries: The Southern Paiutes, 1775-1995 (University of Nebraska Press, 2001).

· Laura F. Klein and Lillian A. Ackerman, editors, Women and Power in Native North America (University of Oklahoma Press, 1995).

· Joseph G. Jorgensen, The Sun Dance Religion: Power to the Powerless (University of Chicago Press, 1972).

· Jay Miller, Colin G. Calloway, and Richard A. Sattler, compilers, Writings in Indian History, 1985-1990 (University of Oklahoma Press, 1995).

· James P. Ronda, Lewis and Clark among the Indians (University of Nebraska Press, 1984).

· Margaret Connell Szasz, editor, Between Indian and White Worlds: The Cultural Broker (University of Oklahoma Press, 1994).

· Calvin Martin, editor, The American Indian and the Problem of History (Oxford University Press, 1987).

· Donald L. Fixico, editor, Rethinking American Indian History (University of New Mexico Press, 1997).

· W.R. Swagerty, editor, Scholars and the Indian Experience: Critical Reviews of Recent Writing in the Social Sciences (Indiana University Press, 1984).

· Shepard Krech, The Ecological Indian: Myth and History (W.W. Norton, 1999).

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