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Auctions -- Sequential

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is auctions.


Six Superlative Sources

· Engelbrecht-Wiggans, R. (1994): "Sequential auctions of stochastically equivalent objects" Economics Letters, 44:87-90.

· Gale, D. and Hausch, D. (1994): "Bottom-fishing and declining prices in sequential auctions" Games and Economic Behavior, 7:318-331.

· Jeitschko, T.D. (1998): "Learning in sequential auctions" Southern Economic Journal, 65:98-112.

· Jeitschko, T.D. (1999): "Equilibrium price paths in sequential auctions with stochastic supply" Economics Letters, 64(1):67-72.

· Jeitschko, T.D. and Wolfstetter, E. (1999): "Scale economies and the dynamics of recurring auctions" SSRN Electronic Paper Collection.

· von der Fehr, N.-H.M. and Riis, C. (1998): "Option values in sequential markets" Department of Economics, University of Oslo.

Other Excellent Sources

· Ashenfelter, O. (1989): "How auctions work for wine and art" Journal of Economic Perspectives, 3(3).

· Beggs, A. and Graddy, K. (1997): "Declining values and the afternoon effect: Evidence from art auctions" Rand Journal of Economics, 28:544-565.

· Bernhardt, D. and Scoones, D. (1994): "A note on sequential auctions" American Economic Review, 84:653-657.

· Black, J. and de Meza, D. (1992): "Systematic price differences between successive auctions are no anomaly" Journal of Management Strategy, 1:607-628.

· Deltas, G. and Kosmopoulou, G. (1998): "An empirical analysis of bidding patterns and pricing trends in sequential auctions" Working Paper, University of Illinois.

· McAfee, R.P. and Vincent, D. (1993): "The declining price anomaly" Journal of Economic Theory, 60:191-212.

· von der Fehr, N.-H.M. (1994): "Predatory bidding in sequential auctions" Oxford Economic Papers, 46:345-356.

· Weber, R.J. (1983): "Multiple-object auctions" in: R. Engelbrecht-Wiggans, M. Shubik and R. Stark, eds., Auctions, Bidding, and Contracting, New York UP, 165-191.

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