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Christianity and Literature -- England -- 17th Century

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of Christian literature in England.


Six Superlative Sources

· Goldberg, Jonathan. James I and the politics of literature: Jonson, Shakespeare, Donne, and their contemporaries. Johns Hopkins University Press, c1983.

· Hill, Christopher. The world turned upside down: radical ideas during the English Revolution. Penguin, c1975.

· Fish, Stanley Eugene. Surprised by sin: the reader in Paradise Lost. 2nd ed. Harvard University Press, 1998.

· Smith, Nigel. Perfection proclaimed: language and literature in English radical religion, 1640-1660. Oxford (Oxfordshire): Clarendon Press; Oxford University Press, 1989.

· Knott, John Ray. The sword of the spirit: Puritan responses to the Bible. University of Chicago Press, 1980.

· Luxon, Thomas H. Literal figures: Puritan allegory and the Reformation crisis in representation. University of Chicago Press, c1995.

Other Excellent Sources

· Goldberg, Jonathan. Sodometries: Renaissance texts, modern sexualities. Stanford University Press, 1992.

· Strier, Richard. Love known: theology and experience in George Herbert's poetry. University of Chicago Press, 1983.

· Strier, Richard. Resistant structures: particularity, radicalism, and Renaissance texts. University of California Press, 1995.

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   Christianity and Literature -- England -- 17th Century

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