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Waveguide Devices -- Self-Imaging

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is waveguide devices.


Six Superlative Sources

· L.B. Soldano and E.C.M. Pennings, "Optical multi-mode interference devices based on self-imaging: principles and applications," J. of Lightwave Technol., vol. 13, pp. 615-627 (April 1995).

· M. Bachmann, P.A. Besse, and H. Melchior, "General self-imaging properties in N'N multimode interference couplers including phase relations," Applied Optics, vol. 33, pp. 3905-3911 (June 1994).

· P.J. Besse, M. Bachmann, H. Melchior, L.B. Soldano, and M.K. Smit, "Optical bandwidth and fabrication tolerances of multimode interference couplers," J. of Lightwave Technol., vol. 12, pp. 1004-1009 (June 1994).

· J.M. Heaton, R.M. Jenkins, D.R. Wight, J.T. Parker, J.C.H. Birbeck, and K.P. Hilton, "Novel 1-to-N way integrated optical beam splitters using symmetric mode mixing in GaAs/AlGaAs multimode waveguides," Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 61, pp. 1754-1756 (October 1992).

· R. Ulrich and T. Kamiya, "Resolution of self-image in planar optical waveguides," J. Opt. Soc. Am., vol. 68, pp. 583-592 (May 1978).

· R. Ulrich, "Image formation by phase coincidences in optical waveguides," Optics Communications, vol. 13, pp. 259-264 (March 1975).

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