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Music -- Ancient Origins

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the ancient origins of music.


Six Superlative Sources

· Wallin, Nils, Björn Merker, and Steven Brown, eds., The Origins of Music, (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA., 2000). Compilation of essays.

· Engel, Carl, The Music of the Most Ancient Nations, Wm. Reeves, 1929.

· Fink, Bob, The Natural Forces Bringing the "Do, Re, Mi Scale into Existence in the Origin of Music.

· Helmholtz, Hermann, On the Sensations of Tone, Dover, 1954.

· Smith, Hermann, The World's Earliest Music, Wm. Reeves, 1904.

· Wellesz, Egon, ed., Ancient and Oriental Music, Vol. I of The New Oxford History of Music, Oxford University Press, 1957.

Other Excellent Sources

· Strunk, Oliver, Source Readings in Music History, W.W. Norton, 1950.

· Edgerly, Beatrice, From the Hunter's Bow, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1942.

· Fink, Bob, The Origin of Music, Greenwich-Meridian, 1970, 1981. Former title of The Universality of Music.

· Sachs, Curt, The Wellsprings of Music, McGraw-Hill, 1965.

· Sachs, Curt, The Rise of Music in the Ancient World, East and West, W.W. Norton, 1943.

· Fink, Robert, Neanderthal Flute.

· Fink, Robert, Evidence of Harmony in Ancient Music.

· Kilmer, Anne D., Richard L. Crocker, and Robert R. Brown, Sounds of Silence: Recent discoveries in ancient Near Eastern Music, Bit Enki Publications, 1976. CD, LP, and 23-page illustrated booklet.

· Dumbrill, Richard, Music of the Ancient Near East: The Musicology and Organology of the Ancient Near East, 3500-500 B.C., Tadema Press.

· Allott, Robin, The Pythagorean Perspective: The Arts and Sociobiology.

· Nettl, Bruno, Music in Primitive Culture, Harvard University Press, 1956.

· Merriam, Alan, "African Music," in Continuity and Change in African Cultures, ed. by William R. Boscomb and Melville J. Herskovitz, University of Chicago Press, 1959.

· Merriam, Alan, The Anthropology of Music, Northwestern University Press, 1964.

· Sachs, Curt, History of Musical Instruments, W.W. Norton, 1940.

· Horniman Museum, Musical Instruments, Horniman Museum Council, 1958.

· Turk, Ivan, ed., Moussterian Bone Flute, Institute za Archeologijo, 1997. The oldest known instrument.

· Schellenberg, E. Glen, and Sandra Trehub, "Natural Musical Intervals: Evidence from Infants," Psychological Science, 7 (1996): 272-277.

· Meyer, L.B., Emotion and Meaning in Music, University of Chicago Press, 1956.

· Sachs, Curt, Our Musical Heritage, Prentice Hall, 1948.

· Darwin, Charles, The Origin of Species and the Descent of Man, any edition. Darwin believed that music preceded and led to speech.

· Bauer, Marion, and Ethel Peyser, How Music Grew, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1939.

· Gustin, Molly, Tonality, Philosophical Library, 1969.

· Raymond, G.L., The Genesis of Art Form, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1909.

· Aristotle Problems, Book XIX, 11, 12, 13, 29, 33, 36, 42, Harvard University Press, 1936-37, or other editions.

· Jeans, Sir James, Science and Music, Cambridge University Press, 1937.

· Aristoxenus, The Elements of Harmony, I. 23, any edition.

· Finkelstein, S., How Music Expresses Ideas International Publishers, 1952.

· Howard, John T., and James Lyons, Modern Music: A Popular Guide to Greater Musical Enjoyment, Crowell, 1957.

· Reti, Rudolph, Tonality, Atonality, Pantonality, Rockliff, 1958.

· Pleasants, N., The Agony of Modern Music, Simon and Shuster, 1955.

· Plekhanov, George, Unaddressed Letters: Art and Social Life, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1957.

· Shepherd, John, and Peter Wicke, Music and Cultural Theory, Polity Press and Blackwell, 1997.

· Bowra, C.M., Primitive Song, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1962.

· McLeod, Norma, and Marcia Herndon, Music as Culture, MRI Press, 1990.

· Merriam, Alan, Ethnomusicology of the Flathead Indians, Aldine Publishing, 1967.

· Nettl, Bruno, Blackfoot Musical Thought: Comparative Perspectives, Kent State University Press, 1989.

· Zemtsovsky, Izaly, Problema Genezisa Muzykal'nogo Iazyka: (Intonatsiia -- Myshlenie -- Kul'tura) [Toward the Problem of the Genesis of Musical Language: (Intonatsia -- Thought -- Culture)]. In the book: "Problemy Genezisa i Spetsifiki Rannikh Form Muzykal'noj Kul'tury. Tezisy Dokladov Konferentsii. Dilizhan, 24-30 Oktiabria, 1986" [The Problems of Genesis and Specific Character of the Early Forms of Musical Culture. Abstracts of the All-Union Conference in Dilizhan, Armenia, 24--30 October, 1986]. Akademiia Nauk SSSR, Nauchnyj Sovet po Istorii Mirovoj Kul'tury; Soiuz Kompopzitorov Armenii; Institut Iskusstv AN Armianskoj SSSR [Academy of Sciences of the USSR, The Scientific Council for the History of World Culture; Union of Composers of Armenia; Institute of the Arts of the Academy of Sciences of Armenian Republic], 1986, str. [pages] 34-37.

· Mozart, Leopold, "Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule" (1. Aufl. 1756), Einleitung, II. Abschnitt: "Von dem Ursprunge der Musik..." und "Versuch einer kurzen Geschichte der Musik" (5-8).

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