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Marketing -- Branding

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is branding.


Six Superlative Sources

· Aaker, David A. (1996), Building Strong Brands, Free Press.

· Feldwick, Paul (2002), What Is Brand Equity Anyway? World Advertising Research Center.

· Fournier, Susan (1998), "Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research," Journal of Consumer Research 24 (March), 343-73.

· Keller, Kevin (2003), Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity, Prentice Hall.

· Ries, Al, and Jack Trout (2001), Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, McGraw-Hill.

· Schmitt, Bernd, and Alex Simonson (1997), Marketing Aesthetics: The Strategic Management of Brands, Identity, and Image, Free Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Aaker, David A. (1993), Managing Brand Equity, Free Press.

· Agres, Stuart J., and Tony M. Dubitsky (1996), "Changing Needs for Brands," Journal of Advertising Research, January/February, 21-30.


· Brand Books: A Core Collection and More. University of Florida Business Library.

· BrandRepublic.



· Davis, Scott M., and Michael Dunn (2002), Building the Brand-Driven Business, Jossey-Bass.

· Deighton, John (2002), "How Snapple Got Its Juice Back," Harvard Business Review, January, 80 (1), 47-53.

· Farquhar, Peter H., Julia Y. Han, Paul M. Herr, and Yuji Ijiri (1992), "Strategies for Leveraging Master Brands," Marketing Research, September, 32-43.

· Franzen, Giep, and Margot Bouwman (2001), The Mental World of Brands, World Advertising Research Center.

· Hill, Sam, and Chris Lederer (2001), The Infinite Asset: Managing Brands to Build New Value, Harvard Business School Press.

· Sevier, Bob. Branding Bibliography.

· Solomon, Michael R. (2003), Conquering Consumerspace: Marketing Strategies for a Branded World, AMACOM.

· Twitchell, James. (2004), Branded Nation: The Marketing of Megachurch, College Inc., and Museumworld, Simon and Schuster.

· Yastrow, Steve. The Brand Cafe.

· Zaltman, Gerald (2003), How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market, Harvard Business School Press.

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