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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is open building architecture.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bosma, K. (ed), van Hoogstraten, D., and Vos, M. (1999) Housing for the Millions: John Habrarken and the SAR, 1960-2000. Nai.

· Habraken, N.J. (1999) Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing. Second English Edition. Urban International Press.

· Hamdi, N. (1991) Housing without Houses: Participation, Flexibility, Enablement. Van Nostrand Reinhold.

· Kendall, S., and Teicher, J. (1999) Residential Open Building. Spon.

· Kendall, S. "Open Building: An Approach to Sustainable Architecture." Journal of Urban Technology, vol.6, no.3, pages 1-16. The Society of Urban Technology.

· Proveniers, A., and Fassbinder, H. (n.d.) New Wave in Building: A Flexible Way of Design, Construction and Real Estate Management. Eindhoven University of Technology.

Other Excellent Sources

· Open House International (journal), London (1976-present) Editor, Nicholas Wilkinson.

· Beisi, J., and Wong, W. (1998) Adaptable Housing Design. Southeast University Press (in Chinese).

· Gann, D. (1999) Flexibility and Choice in Housing. Policy Press.

· Habraken, N.J. (1998) The Structure of the Ordinary: Form and Control in the Built Environment. (ed. J. Teicher). MIT Press.

· Hatch, C.R. (1984) The Scope of Social Architecture. Van Nostrand.

· Kendall, S. (1986) Shell/Infill: A Technical Study of a New Strategy for 2x4 Housebuilding. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Design and Housing Program Working Paper.

· Kendall, S. (ed) (1987) "Changing Patterns in Japanese Housing." Special Issue, Open House International, vol. 12, no. 2.

· Kendall, S. (ed) (2001) "International Developments toward an Infill Industry." Special Issue Open House International, vol. 26 no. 3.

· Tarpio, J., and Tiuri, U. (2001) Infill Systems for Residential Open Building: Comparision and Status Report of Developments in Four Countries. Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Architecture.

· Utida, Y., Tatsumi, K., Chikazumi, S., Fukao, S. and Takada, M. (1994) Next 21. Special Issue, SD (Space Design), no. 25 (in Japanese).

· Van der Werf, F. (1980) "Molenvliet-Wilgendonk: Experimental Housing Project, Papendrecht, The Netherlands." The Harvard Architectural Review, vol. 1, Spring.

· Vreedenburgh, E. (ed) (1992) Entangled BuildingÉ? Werkgroep OBOM, Delft.

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