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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is meiosis.


Six Superlative Sources

-- BOOKS --

· John, B. (1990). Meiosis. Cambridge University Press, Developmental and Cell Biology Series, 22, 396 pages, ISBN 0-52135-053-0.

· Moens, P.B. (1987). Meiosis. Academic Press, 391 pages, ISBN 0-12503-365-6.


· Zickler, D., and N. Kleckner (1998). The leptotene-zygotene transition of meiosis. Annual Review of Genetics 32:619-697.

· Zickler, D., and N. Kleckner (1999). Meiotic chromosomes: integrating structure and function. Annual Review of Genetics 33:603-754.

· Rasmussen, S.W., and P.B. Holm (1980). Mechanics of meiosis. Hereditas 93:187-216.

-- WEB SITE --

· MendelWeb. An online resource with English translations of Mendel's classic 1865 work, "Experiments in Plant Hybridization" (now understood in terms of meiotic chromosome segregation).

Other Excellent Sources

· Scherthan, H. (2001). A bouquet makes ends meet. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 2(8):621-627.

· Roeder, S.G. (1997). Meiotic chromosomes: it takes two to tango. Genes and Development 11:2600-2621.

· Loidl, J. (1990). The initiation of meiotic pairing: the cytological view. Genome 33:759-778.

· Von Wettstein, D., S.W. Rasmussen and P.B. Holm (1984). The synaptonemal complex in genetic segregation. Annual Review of Genetics 18:331-314.

· John, B. (1976). Myths and mechanisms of meiosis. Chromosoma 54(4):295-325.

· Darlington, C.D. (1937). Recent Advances in Cytology. Churchill, second edition, 650 pages; reprinted by Garland (1988), 671 pages, ISBN 0-82401-376-X.

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