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Eukaryotic mRNA Stability

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is mRNA formation and function.


Six Superlative Sources

· Mitchell P, Tollervey D. 2000. mRNA stability in eukaryotes. (Review) (62 refs) Current Opinion in Genetics and Development. 10(2):193-98.

· Day DA, Tuite MF. 1998. Post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanisms in eukaryotes: an overview. (Review) (91 refs) Journal of Endocrinology. 157(3):361-71.

· Rouault T, Klausner R. 1997. Regulation of iron metabolism in eukaryotes. (Review) (88 refs) Current Topics in Cellular Regulation. 35:1-19.

· Jacobson A, Peltz SW. 1996. Interrelationships of the pathways of mRNA decay and translation in eukaryotic cells. (Review) (400 refs) Annual Review of Biochemistry. 65:693-739.

· Ross J. 1995. mRNA stability in mammalian cells. (Review) (395 refs) Microbiological Reviews. 59(3):423-50.

· Surdej P, Riedl A, Jacobs-Lorena M. 1994. Regulation of mRNA stability in development. (Review) (115 refs) Annual Review of Genetics. 28:263-82.

Other Excellent Sources

· Antic D, Keene JD. 1997. Embryonic lethal abnormal visual RNA-binding proteins involved in growth, differentiation, and posttranscriptional gene expression. American Journal of Human Genetics 61:273-78.

· Atasoy U, Watson J, Patel D, Keene JD. 1998. ELAV protein HuA (HuR) can redistribute between nucleus and cytoplasm and is upregulated during serum stimulation and T cell activation. Journal of Cell Science 111:3145-56.

· Bohjanen PR, Petryniak B, June CH, Thompson CB, Lindsten T. 1991. An inducible cytoplasmic factor (AU-B) binds selectively to AUUUA multimers in the 3' untranslated region of lymphokine mRNA. Molecular and Cellular Biology 11:3288-95.

· Bohjanen PR, Petryniak B, June CH, Thompson CB, Lindsten T. 1992. AU RNA-binding factors differ in their binding specificities and affinities. Journal of Biological Chemistry 267:6302-09.

· Brewer G. 1991. An A + U-rich element RNA-binding factor regulates c-myc mRNA stability in vitro. Molecular and Cellular Biology 11:2460-66.

· Caput D, Beutler B, Hartog K, Thayer R, Brown-Shimer S, Cerami A. 1986. Identification of a common nucleotide sequence in the 3'-untranslated region of mRNA molecules specifying inflammatory mediators. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 83:1670-74.

· Carballo E, Lai WS, Blackshear PJ. 1998. Feedback inhibition of macrophage tumor necrosis factor-alpha production by tristetraprolin. Science 281:1001-05.

· Chen CY, Shyu AB. 1995. AU-rich elements: characterization and importance in mRNA degradation. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 20:465-70.

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· Fan XC, Steitz JA. 1998. Overexpression of HuR, a nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling protein, increases the in vivo stability of ARE-containing mRNAs. EMBO Journal 17:3448-60.

· Ford LP, Watson J, Keene JD, Wilusz J. 1999. ELAV proteins stabilize deadenylated intermediates in a novel in vitro mRNA deadenylation/degradation system. Genes and Development 13:188-201.

· Good PJ. 1995. A conserved family of elav-like genes in vertebrates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 92:4557-61.

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· Shaw G, Kamen R. 1986. A conserved AU sequence from the 3' untranslated region of GM-CSF mRNA mediates selective mRNA degradation. Cell 46:659-67.

· Vakalopoulou E, Schaack J, Shenk T. 1991. A 32-kilodalton protein binds to AU-rich domains in the 3' untranslated regions of rapidly degraded mRNAs. Molecular and Cellular Biology 11:3355-64.

· Xu N, Chen CY, Shyu AB. 1997. Modulation of the fate of cytoplasmic mRNA by AU-rich elements: key sequence features controlling mRNA deadenylation and decay. Molecular and Cellular Biology 17:4611-21.

· Zhang W, Wagner BJ, Ehrenman K, Schaefer AW, DeMaria CT, Crater D, DeHaven K, Long L, Brewer G. 1993. Purification, characterization, and cDNA cloning of an AU-rich element RNA-binding protein, AUF1. Molecular and Cellular Biology 13:7652-65.

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