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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is international business.


Six Superlative Sources

· Pralahad, C.K., and Doz, Y.L., 1987, The Multinational Mission: Balancing Global Demands and Global Vision. Free Press.

· Bartlett, C.A., and Ghoshal, S., 1989, Managing across Borders: The Transnational Solution. Century Business.

· Porter, M.E., 1990, The Competitive Advantage of Nations. Macmillan.

· Dunning, J.H., 1993, Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy. Addison-Wesley.

· Buckley, P., and Ghauri, P. (eds), 1999, The Global Challenge for Multinational Enterprises: Managing Increasing Interdependence. Pergamon.

· Warner, M. (ed), 2002, International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management. International Thomson Business Press. Second edition. (six volumes).

Other Excellent Sources

-- ONLINE --

· The World Bank.

· The World Trade Organization.

· The International Monetary Fund (IMF).

· The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

· The European Union.

· The World Factbook. U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, 1981-present.

· The Center for International Business Education and Research. Michigan State University.

· The Economist: Country Briefings.

· The Global Connector. Indiana University Kelley School of Business.


· International Business Review, 1993-present.

· Journal of International Business Studies, 1970-present.

· European Management Journal, 1982-present.

· International Studies of Management and Organization, 1971-present.

· Harvard Business Review, 1922-present.

· Journal of World Business, 1997-present; continues the Columbia Journal of World Business, 1965-1996.

-- BOOKS --

· Contractor, F.J., and Lorange, P. (eds.), 1988, Co-operative Strategies in International Business. Lexington Books.

· Ohmae, K., 1990, The Borderless World. HarperCollins.

· Yip, G., 1995, Total Global Strategy. Prentice Hall.

· Rugman, A., 1996, The Theory of Multinational Enterprises. Elgar.

· Ghauri, P.N., and Usunier, J-C. (eds), 1996, International Business Negotiations. Pergamon.

· Nohria, N., and Ghoshal, S., 1997, The Differentiated Network: Organizing Multinational Corporations for Value Creation. Jossey-Bass Publishers.

· Buckley, P., and Ghauri, P. (eds), 1999, The Internationalisation of the Firm: A Reader. International Thompson Press. Second edition.

· Rugman, A., 2000, The End of Globalization. Random House.

· Hughes, M.D., and Taggart, J.H. (eds), 2001, International Business: European Dimensions. Palgrave.

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