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Lyotard, Jean-François (1924-1998)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is philosopher Jean-François Lyotard.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bennington, Geoffrey. Lyotard: Writing the Event. Manchester University Press, Columbia University Press, 1988.

· Harvey, Robert, and Lawrence R. Schehr, eds. Jean-François Lyotard: Time and Judgment. Special issue, Yale French Studies 99, 2001.

· Readings, Bill. Introducing Lyotard: Art and Politics. Routledge, 1991.

· Sim, Stuart. Lyotard and the Inhuman. Icon/Totem, 2000.

· Williams, James. Lyotard and the Political. Routledge, 2000.

· Yeghiayan, Eddie. Jean-François Lyotard: A Bibliography. University of California, Irvine.

Other Excellent Sources

· Benjamin, Andrew, ed. Judging Lyotard. Routledge, 1992.

· Billouet, Pierre. Paganisme et Postmodernité: Jean-François Lyotard. Ellipses, 1999.

· Browning, Gary K. Lyotard and the End of Grand Narratives: Political Philosophy Now. University of Wales Press, 2000.

· Brügger, Niels, Finn Frandsen, and Dominique Pirotte, eds. Lyotard. Les Déplacements Philosophiques. De Boeck-Wesmael, 1993.

· Curtis, Neal. Against Autonomy: Lyotard, Judgement and Action. Aldershot (UK) and Ashgate (US), 2001.

· Gualandi, Alberto. Lyotard. Belles Letters (Figures du Savoir, 17), 1999.

· Guibal, Francis, and Jacob Rogozinski, eds. Témoigner du Différend: Quand Phraser ne se Peut. Osiris, 1989.

· Harvey, Robert, ed. Afterwords: Essays in Memory of Jean-François Lyotard. The Humanities Institute (Occasional Papers, 1), 2000.

· Ivekovic, Rada. Le Sexe de la Philosophie. Essai sur Jean-François Lyotard et le Féminin. L'Harmattan, 1997.

· Lyotard, Dolorès, Jean-Claude Milner, and Gérald Sfez, eds. Jean-François Lyotard: L'Exercice du Différend. Presses Universitaires de France (La Librairie du Collège International de Philosophie), 2001.

· Rojek, Chris, and Bryan S. Turner, eds. The Politics of Jean-François Lyotard. Routledge, 1998.

· Sfez, Gérald. Jean-François Lyotard. La Faculté d'une Phrase. Galilée, 2000.

· Van Peperstraten, Frans. Jean-François Lyotard: Gebeurtnis en Rechtvaardigheid. Kok Agora, Pelckmans, 1995.

· Welsch, Wolfgang, and Christine Pries, eds. Ästhetik im Widerstreit: Interventionen zum Werk von Jean-François Lyotard. VCH Acta Humaniora, 1991.

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   Lyotard, Jean-François (1924-1998)
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