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Turner, Charles Henry (1867-1923)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is African-American scientist Charles Turner.


Six Superlative Sources

· Abramson, C.I., Jackson, L.D., and Fuller, C.L. (Eds.) (2003). Selected Papers and Biography of Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923), Pioneer of Comparative Animal Behavior Studies. Edwin Mellen Press.

· Abramson, C.I., Jackson, L.D., and Fuller, C.L. (2003). Charles Henry Turner: Significant Events and Unanswered Questions. In C.I. Abramson, L.D. Jackson, and C.L. Fuller, (Eds.), Selected Papers and Biography of Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923), Pioneer of Comparative Animal Behavior Studies (pp. 19-69). Edwin Mellen Press.

· Cadwallader, T.C. (1984). Neglected Aspects of the Evolution of American Comparative and Animal Psychology. In G. Greenberg and E. Tobach (Eds.), Behavioral Evolution and Integrative Levels: The T.C. Schneirla Conference Series (pp. 15-48). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

· Hancock, S. (1983). Famous Firsts of Black Americans. Pelican Publishing.

· Jenkins, E.S., Hudson, G.H., Jackson, W.S., and Ryder, E.C. (1975). American Black Scientists and Inventors. National Science Teachers Association.

· Ross, M.E. (1977). Bug Watching with Charles Henry Turner. Carolrhoda Books.

Other Excellent Sources

· Abramson, C.I., Lack, C., et al. Charles Henry Turner: Contributions of a Forgotten African-American to Scientific Research. Oklahoma State University.

· Brown, M.C. Charles Henry Turner: Zoologist, Entomologist. The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences. Princeton University.

· Guthrie, R.V. (1998). Even the Rat Was White (2nd edition). Allyn and Bacon.

· Hayden, R.C. (1970). Seven Black American Scientists. Addison-Wesley.

· Kessler, J.H., Kidd, J.S., Kidd, R.A., and Morin, K.A. (1996). Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century. Oryx Press.

· McKissack, P., and McKissack, F. (1994). African-American Scientists. Millbrook Press.

· Planet Science: Charles Henry Turner.

· Sterling, A.G. (1974). Famous First Blacks. Vantage Press.

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   Turner, Charles Henry (1867-1923)
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