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Spectroscopy -- Optical -- Imaging of Tissues

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is optical spectroscopy and the imaging of tissues.


Six Superlative Sources

· F.F. Jöbsis, "Noninvasive, Infrared Monitoring of Cerebral and Myocardial Oxygen Sufficiency and Circulatory Parameters," Science 198, 1264-1267 (1977).

· A. Grinvald, E. Lieke, R.D. Frostig, C.D. Gilbert, and T.N. Wiesel, "Functional Architecture of Cortex Revealed by Optical Imaging of Intrinsic Signals," Nature 324, 361-364 (1986).

· M.S. Patterson, B. Chance, and B.C. Wilson, "Time Resolved Reflectance and Transmittance for the Non-Invasive Measurement of Optical Properties," Appl. Opt. 28, 2331-2336 (1989).

· M.A. Franceschini, K.T. Moesta, S. Fantini, G. Gaida, E. Gratton, H. Jess, W.W. Mantulin, M. Seeber, P.M. Schlag, and M. Kaschke, "Frequency-Domain Techniques Enhance Optical Mammography: Initial Clinical Results," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94, 6468-6473 (1997).

· A. Villringer and B. Chance, "Non-Invasive Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging of Human Brain Function," Trends Neurosci. 20, 435-442 (1997).

· N. Shah, A. Cerussi, C. Eker, J. Espinoza, J. Butler, J. Fishkin, R. Hornung, and B. Tromberg, "Noninvasive Functional Optical Spectroscopy of Human Breast Tissue," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98, 4420-4425 (2001).

Other Excellent Sources

· D.T. Delpy, M. Cope, P. van der Zee, S. Arridge, S. Wray, and J. Wyatt, "Estimation of Optical Pathlength through Tissue from Direct Time of Flight Measurement," Phys. Med. Biol. 33, 1433-1442 (1988).

· A.D. Edwards, J.S. Wyatt, C. Richardson, A. Potter, D.T. Delpy, M. Cope, E.O.R. Reynolds, "Cotside Measurement of Cerebral Blood Flow in Ill Newborn Infants by Near Infrared Spectroscopy," Lancet II, 770-771 (1988).

· E.M. Sevick, B. Chance, J. Leigh, S. Nioka, and M. Maris, "Quantitation of Time- and Frequency-Resolved Optical Spectra for the Determination of Tissue Oxigenation," Anal. Biochem. 195, 330-351 (1991).

· S.R. Arridge, M. Cope, and D.T. Delpy, "The Theoretical Basis for the Determination of Optical Pathlengths in Tissue: Temporal and Frequency Analysis," Phys. Med. Biol. 37, 1531-1560 (1992).

· T.J. Farrel, M.S. Patterson, and B. Wilson, "A Diffusion Theory Model of Spatially Resolved, Steady-State Diffuse Reflectance for the Noninvasive Determination of Tissue Optical Properties In Vivo," Med. Phys. 19, 879-888 (1992).

· D.A. Benaron and D.K. Stevenson, "Optical Time-of-Flight and Absorbance Imaging of Biologic Media," Science 259, 1463-1466 (1993).

· B.J. Tromberg, L.O. Svaasand, T.T. Tsay, and R.C. Haskell, "Properties of Photon Density Waves in Multiple-Scattering Media," Appl. Opt. 32, 607-616 (1993).

· D.A. Boas, M.A. O'Leary, B. Chance, and A.G. Yodh, "Scattering and Wavelength Transduction of Diffuse Photon Density Waves," Phys. Rev. E 47, R2999-R3002 (1993).

· B. Chance, K. Kang, L. He, J. Weng, and E. Sevick, "Highly Sensitive Object Location in Tissue Models with Linear In-Phase and Anti-Phase Multi-Element Optical Arrays in One and Two Dimensions," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90, 3423-3427 (1993).

· E. Gratton, W.W. Mantulin, M.J. van de Ven, and J.B. Fishkin, "A Novel Approach to Laser Tomography," Bioimaging 1, 40-46 (1993).

· S. Fantini, M.A. Franceschini, J.B. Fishkin, B. Barbieri, and E. Gratton, "Quantitative Determination of the Absorption Spectra of Chromophores in Strongly Scattering Media: A Light-Emitting-Diode Based Technique," Appl. Opt. 33, 5204-5213 (1994).

· D.A. Boas, M.A. O'Leary, B. Chance, and A.G. Yodh, "Scattering of Diffuse Photon Density Waves by Spherical Inhomogeneities within Turbid Media: Analytic Solution and Applications," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 91, 4887-4891 (1994).

· R.A. de Blasi, M. Ferrari, A. Natali, G. Conti, A. Mega, and A. Gasparetto, "Non-Invasive Measurement of Forearm Blood Flow and Oxygen Consumption by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy," J. Appl. Physiol. 76, 1388-1393 (1994).

· J.S. Maier, S.A. Walker, S. Fantini, M.A. Franceschini, and E. Gratton, "Possible Correlation between Blood Glucose Concentration and the Reduced Scattering Coefficient of Tissues in the Near Infrared," Opt. Lett. 19, 2062-2064 (1994).

· G. Gratton, P.M. Corballis, E. Cho, M. Fabiani, and D.C. Hood, "Shades of Gray Matter: Noninvasive Optical Images of Human Brain Responses during Visual Stimulation," Psychophysiology 32, 505-509 (1995).

· S. Fantini, M.A. Franceschini, J.S. Maier, S.A. Walker, B. Barbieri, and E. Gratton, "Frequency-Domain Multichannel Optical Detector for Non-Invasive Tissue Spectroscopy and Oximetry," Opt. Eng. 34, 32-42 (1995).

· S. Homma, H. Eda, S. Ogasawara, and A. Kagaya, "Near-Infrared Estimation of O2 Supply and Consumption in Forearm Muscles Working at Varying Intensity," J. Appl. Physiol. 80, 1279-1284 (1996).

· A.H. Gandjbakhche, R.F. Bonner, R. Nossal, and G.H. Weiss, "Absorptivity Contrast in Transillumination Imaging of Tissue Abnormalities," Appl. Opt. 35, 1767-1774 (1996).

· B.W. Pogue, M. Testorf, T. McBride, U. Osterberg, and K. Paulsen, "Instrumentation and Design of a Frequency-Domain Diffuse Optical Tomography Imager for Breast Cancer Detection," Opt. Expr. 1, 391-403 (1997).

· M. Tamura, Y. Hoshi, and F. Okada, "Localized Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Functional Optical Imaging of Brain Activity," Phil. Trans. R. Soc. of Lond. B 352, 737-742 (1997).

· B. Chance, M. Cope, E. Gratton, N. Ramanujam, and B. Tromberg, "Phase Measurement of Light Absorption and Scatter in Human Tissue," Rev. Sci. Instrum. 69, 3457-3481 (1998).

· V. Quaresima, S.J. Matcher, and M. Ferrari, "Identification and Quantification of Intrinsic Optical Contrast for Near-Infrared Mammography," Photochem. Photobiol. 67, 4-14 (1998).

· R. Cubeddu, A. Pifferi, P. Taroni, A. Torricelli, and G. Valentini, "Noninvasive Absorption and Scattering Spectroscopy of Bulk Diffusive Media: An Application to the Optical Characterization of Human Breast," Appl. Phys. Lett. 74, 874-876 (1999).

· S.R. Hintz, W.F. Cheong, J.P. van Houten, D.K. Stevenson, and D.A. Benaron, "Bedside Imaging of Intracranial Hemorrhage in the Neonate Using Light: Comparison with Ultrasound, Computed Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging," Pediatr. Res. 45, 54-59 (1999).

· M.A. Franceschini, V. Toronov, M.E. Filiaci, E. Gratton, and S. Fantini, "On-Line Optical Imaging of the Human Brain with 160-ms Temporal Resolution," Opt. Express 6, 49-57 (2000).

· B.J. Tromberg, N. Shah, R. Lanning, A. Cerussi, J. Espinoza, T. Pham, L. Svaasand, and J. Butler, "Non-Invasive In Vivo Characterization of Breast Tumors Using Photon Migration Spectroscopy," Neoplasia 2, 26-40 (2000).

· V. Ntziachristos, A.G. Yodh, M. Schnall, and B. Chance, "Concurrent MRI and Diffuse Optical Tomography of Breast after Indocyanine Green Enhancement," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 97, 2767-2772, (2000).

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