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Endangered Species Act -- Economics of

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the economics of the Endangered Species Act.


Six Superlative Sources

· Shogren, J., and J. Tschirhart, eds., Protecting Endangered Species in the United States: Biological Needs, Political Realities and Economic Choices, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

· Polasky, S., and H. Doremus, "When the Truth Hurts: Endangered Species Policy on Private Land with Incomplete Information," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management XXXV (1998), 22-47.

· Innes, R., S. Polasky, and J. Tschirhart, "Takings, Compensation and Endangered Species Protection on Private Lands," Journal of Economic Perspectives XII (1998), 35-52.

· Metrick, A., and M. Weitzman. "Patterns in Behavior in Endangered Species Preservation," Land Economics 72 (1996): 1-16.

· Montgomery, C., G. Brown, Jr., and D. Adams, "The Marginal Cost of Species Preservation: The Northern Spotted Owl." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 26 (1994), 111-128.

· Weitzman, M.L., "What to Preserve? An Application of Diversity Theory to Crane Conservation," Quarterly J of Economics 108 (1993), 155-183.

Other Excellent Sources

· Shogren, J.F., J. Tschirhart, T. Anderson, A. Whritenour-Ando, S. Beissinger, D. Brookshire, G. Brown, D. Cash, D. Coursey, B. Gibbons, R. Innes, S. Meyer, and S. Polasky. "Why Economics Matters for Endangered Species Protection, Conservation Biology. 13:6 (December 1999), 1257-61.

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