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Archaeology -- United States -- Chesapeake Bay Region

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is archaeology in the Chesapeake Bay Region.


Six Superlative Sources

· Dent, Richard J. 1995. Chesapeake Prehistory: Old Traditions, New Directions. Plenum Press.

· Mullins, Paul R. 1999. Race And Affluence: An Archaeology Of African American And Consumer Culture. Klewer Academic/Plenum Press.

· Potter, Stephen R. 1993. Commoners, Tribute, And Chiefs: The Development Of Algonquian Culture In The Potomac Valley. University Press of Virginia.

· Shackel, Paul A. and Barbara J. Little, Editors. 1994. Historical Archaeology Of The Chesapeake. Smithsonian Institution Press.

· Shackel, Paul A., Paul R. Mullins, and Mark S. Warner, Editors. 1998. Annapolis Pasts: Historical Archaeology In Annapolis, Maryland. University of Tennessee Press.

· Yentsch, Anne E. 1994. A Chesapeake Family And Their Slaves: A Study In Historical Archaeology. Cambridge University Press.

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