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Archaeology -- Pueblo Indian

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Native American archaeology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Kidder, Alfred Vincent. An Introduction to the Study of Southwestern Archaeology, with a preliminary account of the excavations at Pecos (with an introduction by Irving Rouse), Yale University Press (1924) 1962.

· Gumerman, George J. (ed). Themes in Southwest Prehistory, School of American Research Press, 1994.

· Lipe, William D. The Southwest, pp. 327-403 in Jesse D. Jennings (ed), Ancient Native Americans, W.H. Freeman, 1978.

· Cordell, Linda S. Ancient Pueblo Peoples, Smithsonian Institution and St. Remy Press, 1994.

· Plog, Stephen. Ancient Peoples of the American Southwest, Thames and Hudson Ltd., 1997.

· Lister, Robert H., and Florence G. Lister. Chaco Canyon, Archaeology and Archaeologists. University of New Mexico Press, 1981.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cordell, Linda. Archaeology of the Southwest, second edition, Academic Press, 1997.

· Vivian, R. Gwinn. The Chacoan Prehistory of the San Juan Basin, Academic Press, 1990.

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