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Fortifications -- Britain -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of British fortifications.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hogg, Ian V. Coast Defences of England and Wales, 1856-1956. David and Charles, 1974.

· Kent, Peter. Fortifications of East Anglia. Terence Dalton, 1988.

· Kightly, Charles. Strongholds of the Realm: Defences in Britain from Prehistory to the Twentieth Century. Thames and Hudson, 1979.

· Lowry, Bernard, ed. 20th Century Defences in Britain: An Introductory Guide. Council for British Archeology "Practical Handbooks in Archeology, No. 12," 1995.

· Saunders, Andrew. Fortress Britain: Artillery Fortifications in the British Isles and Ireland. Beaufort, 1989.

· Williams, Geoffrey. Stronghold Britain: Four Thousand Years of British Fortifications. Alan Sutton, 1999.

Other Excellent Sources

· Palmerston Forts Society.

· Pye, Andrew, and Freddy Woodward. The Historic Defences of Plymouth. Cornwall Archeological Unit, 1996.

· Wilson, Roger. Roman Forts: An Illustrated Introduction to the Garrison Posts of Roman Britain. Bergstrom-Boyle, 1980.

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   Fortifications -- Britain -- History
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