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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is phonology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Chomsky, Noam, and Morris Halle (1968). The Sound Pattern of English. Harper and Row.

· Hayes, Bruce (1985). A Metrical Theory of Stress Rules. Garland Press.

· Jakobson, Roman, C. Gunnar Fant, and Morris Halle (1965). Preliminaries to Speech Analysis: The Distinctive Features and Their Correlates. MIT Press.

· McCarthy, John (1979). Formal Problems in Semitic Phonology and Morphology. Garland Press, 1985.

· Pierrehumbert, Janet (1980). The Phonetics and Phonology of English Intonation. Doctoral dissertation, MIT.

· Prince, Alan, and Paul Smolensky (1993). Optimality Theory: Constraint Interaction in Generative Grammar. Technical Report TR-2, Rutgers University Cognitive Science Center.

Other Excellent Sources

· Clements, George N. (1985). The Geometry of Phonological Features. Phonology 2: 225-252.

· Goldsmith, John A. (1995). The Handbook of Phonological Theory. Blackwell.

· Goldsmith, John A. (1999). Phonological Theory: The Essential Readings. Blackwell.

· Kiparsky, Paul (1973). "Elsewhere" in Phonology. In S. Anderson and P. Kiparsky (eds.), A Festschrift for Morris Halle (pp. 93-106). Holt Rinehart and Winston.

· Ladd, D. Robert (1996). Intonational Phonology. Cambridge University Press.

· Mohanan, K.P. (1982). Lexical Phonology. Doctoral dissertation, MIT.

· Odden, David (1986). On the Obligatory Contour Principle. Language 62: 353-383.

· Pike, Kenneth (1966). Phonemics: A Technique for Reducing Languages to Writing. University of Michigan Press.

· The Rutgers Optimality Archive.

· Sagey, Elizabeth (1986). The Representation of Features and Relations in Nonlinear Phonology. Doctoral dissertation, MIT.

· Steriade, Donca (1982). Greek Prosodies and the Nature of Syllabificaton. Doctoral dissertation, MIT.

· Yip, Moira (1980). The Tonal Phonology of Chinese. Doctoral dissertation, MIT.

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