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Photography -- Color -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is early color photography.


Six Superlative Sources

· Wall, E.J. History of Three-Color Photography. American Photographic Publishing. 1925. The single most comprehensive reference on color processes to its publication date; still the most comprhensive. Hundreds of patent references and very clear discussions of technical and commercial issues.

· Newhall, B. The History of Photography. Museum of Modern Art. 1988. The chapter on color is brief but excellent. Well illustrated and well written throughout.

· Coote, J.H. The Illustrated History of Color Photography. Fountain Press. 1993. Well illustrated and up-to-date book, a sort of successor to Wall (above) devoted to the huge variety of color processes, especially for cinema.

· Frizot, M. (ed.). A New History of Photography. Konemann. 1999. Huge and well illustrated new history of photography with a good chapter on color which considers images as much as processes.

· Coe, B. Color Photography: The First Hundred Years. Ash and Grant. 1978. An early summary devoted to color only. Good text, though.

· Sipley, L.W. A Half Century of Color. Macmillan. 1951. Considers color photography, its applications and its relation to printing.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bellone, R., and Fellot, L. Histoire Mondiale de la Photographie en Couleurs. Hachette Realities. 1981. Excellent review of the history of technology and of images. Superbly illustrated. In French.

· Friedman, J.S. History of Color Photography. American Photographic Publishing. 1945. Widely quoted, a classic in its time, but no color in illustrations.

· Hofel, K., and Gohr, S. Farbe im Photo. Josef-Haubrich-Kunsthalle. 1981. Superb exhibition catalog with great coverage of old and new processes, beautifully illustrated. In German.

· Wood, J. The Art of the Autochrome. U. of Iowa Press. 1993. Well illustrated with carefully selected images by early users of this first successful commercial process, and excellent text.

· Boulouch, N. Les Autochromes Lumiere: La Couleur Inventee. Scheibli Editions. 1995. A coffee table book that adds excellent commentary to carefully selected, largely unpublished, and beautifully reproduced images made by the inventors of the autochrome. In English and French.

· Alschuler, W.R. On the Physical and Visual State of 100-Year-Old Lippmann Color Photographs. Proceedings of the 6th International SPIE Symposium on Display Holography at Lake Forest, IL. 1997. A brief summary of the results of a world survey of images by one of the first and least known color processes. Bibliography, no illustrations.

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