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Sologub, Fedor (1863-1927)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Fedor Sologub.


Six Superlative Sources

· Greene, Diana. Insidious Intent: An Interpretation of Fedor Sologub's The Petty Demon. Slavica, 1986.

· Hansson, Carola. Fedor Sologub as a Short Story Writer: Stylistic Analyses. Almqvist and Wiksell International, 1975.

· Rabinowitz, Stanley J. Sologub's Literary Children: Keys to a Symbolist's Prose. Slavica, 1980.

· Smith, Vassar W. Fedor Sologub (1863-1927): A Critical Biography. Ph.D. Dissertation, Stanford University, 1993.

· Pyman, Avril. A History of Russian Symbolism. Cambridge University Press, 1994.

· Rabinowitz, Stanley J. "Fedor Sologub and His Nineteenth-Century Russian Antecedents." Slavic and East European Journal 22.3 (1978): 324-335.

Other Excellent Sources

· Baran, Henryk. "Fedor Sologub and the Critics: The Case of Nav'i Cary." Studies in Twentieth-Century Russian Prose. Ed. Nils Ake Nilsson. Almqvist and Wiksell International, 1982, pp. 26-58.

· Baran, Henryk. "Trirodov among the Symbolists: From the Drafts for Sologub's Tvorimaja Legenda." Neue Russische Literatur 2-3 (1979-1980): 178-202.

· Barker, Murl G. "Reality and Escape: Sologub's The Wall and the Shadows." Slavic and East European Journal 16.4 (1972): 419-426.

· Barker, Murl G. "Erotic Themes in Sologub's Prose." Modern Fiction Studies 26.2 (1980): 241-248.

· Bristol, E.C. "Fedor Sologub as a Lyric Poet." Russian Review 30.3 (1971): 268-276.

· Clowes, Edith W. "Literary Decadence: Sologub, Schopenhauer, and the Anxiety of Individuation." American Contributions to the Tenth International Congress of Slavists: Literature. Ed. Jane Gary Harris. Slavica, 1988, pp. 111-121.

· Field, Andrew. "The Theatre of Two Wills: Sologub's Plays." The Slavonic and East European Review 6 (1962): 80-88.

· Hart, Pierre. "Functions of the Fairy Tale in Sologub's Prose." Studies in Honor of Xenia Gasiorowska. Ed. L. Leighton. Slavica, 1983, pp. 71-80.

· Hart, Pierre. "Metaphor, Metonymy and Myth in The Petty Demon." Slavic and East European Journal 41.3 (1997): 431-441.

· Holl, Bruce T. "Don Quixote in Sologub's Melkii Bes." Slavic and East European Journal 33.4 (1989): 539-555.

· Hustis, Harriet. "Wicked Tongues and Alternative Lifestyles: Lyudmila, Peredonov and the Role of Language in Sologub's The Petty Demon." Slavic and East European Journal 40.4 (1996): 632-648.

· Hutchings, Stephen. "Plotting against Abstraction in Russian Literature's Provincial Hell: Fedor Sologub's Aesthetics of Embodiment." Modern Language Review 91.3 (1996): 655-676.

· Ivanits, Linda J. "The Grotesque in Fedor Sologub's Novel The Petty Demon." Russian and Slavic Literature. Ed. Richard Freeborn, et. al. Slavica, 1976, pp. 137-174.

· Ivanits, Linda J. "Fairy Tale Motifs in Sologub's Dream on the Rocks." Studies in Honor of Xenia Gasiorowska. Ed. L. Leighton. Slavica, 1983, pp. 81-87.

· Kalbouss, George. "Sologub and Myth." Slavic and East European Journal 27.4 (1983): 440-451.

· Kloss, Robert J. "Paranoia and the Parallel Plots of Sologub's The Petty Demon." Journal of Evolutionary Psychology 12.1-2 (1991): 52-64.

· Masing-Delic, Irene. "Peredonov's Little Tear -- Why Is It Shed?" Scando-Slavica 24 (1978): 107-124.

· Mills, Judith M. "Expanding Critical Contexts: Sologub's Petty Demon." Slavic and East European Journal 28.1 (1984): 15-31.

· Peters Carlson, Stephanie. "The Dichotomy of Lilith and Eve in Fedor Sologub's Mythopoetics." Russian Literature 48 (2000): 1-14.

· Reeve, F.D. "Art as Solution: Sologub's Devil." Modern Fiction Studies 3.1 (1957): 110-118.

· Schmid, Ulrich. "A Symbolist under Soviet Rule: Sologub's Late Poetry." Slavic and East European Journal 43.4 (1999): 636-650.

· Shapiro, Michael and Marianne. "Traces of Pushkin and Other Russian Classics in The Petty Demon." Alexander Lipson: In Memorium. Ed. Charles E. Gribble, et al. Slavica, 1994, pp. 250-275.

· Smith, Vassar W. "On Bad Dreams." Russian Literature Triquarterly 16 (1979): 86-92.

· Thurston, G.J. "Sologub's Melkiy Bes." The Slavonic and East European Review 55.1 (1977): 30-44.

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