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Trade and Transmission of Technology

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the trade and transmission of technology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Grossman, G., and E. Helpman (1995), "Technology and Trade," in G. Grossman and K. Rogoff (eds.), Handbook of International Economics, Vol. 3, Chapter 25, North-Holland Publishers.

· Griliches, Z. (1979), "Issues in Assessing the Contribution of Research and Development to Productivity Growth," Bell Journal of Economics 10: 92-116.

· Coe, D., and E. Helpman (1995), "International R&D Spillovers," European Economic Review 39: 859-87.

· Keller, W. (2000), "Do Trade Patterns and Technology Flows Affect Productivity Growth?" World Bank Economic Review 14: 17-47.

· Grossman, G., and E. Helpman (1991), Innovation and Growth in the Global Economy, MIT Press.

· Rivera-Batiz, L., and P. Romer (1991), "Economic Integration and Endogenous Growth," Quarterly Journal of Economics 106: 531-555.

Other Excellent Sources

· Aghion, P., and P. Howitt (1998), Endogenous Growth Theory, MIT Press.

· Bernstein, J., and P. Mohnen (1994), "International R&D Spillovers between U.S. and Japanese R&D Intensive Sectors," Journal of International Economics 44: 315-38.

· Branstetter, L. (2001), "Are Knowledge Spillovers International or Intranational in Scope? Microeconometric Evidence from the U.S. and Japan," Journal of International Economics 53: 53-79.

· Eaton, J., and S. Kortum (1999), "International Technology Diffusion: Theory and Measurement," International Economic Review 40: 537-70.

· Eaton, J., and S. Kortum (2000), "Trade in Capital Goods," IED Discussion Paper 109, The Institute for Economic Development at Boston University.

· Eaton, J., and S. Kortum (2002), "Technology, Geography, and Trade," Econometrica 70: 1741-79.

· Griliches, Z. (1995), "R&D and Productivity: Econometric Results and Measurement Issues," in P. Stoneman (ed.), Handbook of the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change, pp. 52-89, Blackwell.

· Helpman, E. (1997), "R&D and Productivity: The International Connection," NBER Working Paper 6101.

· Keller, W. (1998), "Are International R&D Spillovers Trade-Related? Analyzing Spillovers among Randomly Matched Trade Partners," European Economic Review 42: 1469-81.

· Keller, W. (2000), "Geographic Localization in International Technology Diffusion," NBER Working Paper 7509.

· Keller, W. (2002), "Trade and the Transmission of Technology," Journal of Economic Growth 7: 5-24.

· Klenow, Peter J., and A. Rodriguez-Clare (1997), "Quantifying Variety Gains from Trade Liberalization."

· Mohnen, P. (2001), "International R&D Spillovers and Economic Growth," in M. Pohjola (ed.), Information Technology, Productivity, and Economic Growth: International Evidence and Implications for Economic Development, Oxford University Press.

· Park, W. (1995), "International R&D Spillovers and OECD Economic Growth," Economic Inquiry 33: 571-91.

· World Bank (1998), Knowledge for Development, World Development Report, 1998/99, The World Bank.

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