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Philosophy of Religion

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the philosophy of religion.


Six Superlative Sources

· Alvin Plantinga, Warranted Christian Belief (Oxford University Press, 2000).

· Philip Quinn and Charles Taliaferro (eds), A Companion to Philosophy of Religion (Blackwell Publishers, 1997).

· Richard Swinburne, The Coherence of Theism, revised edition (Clarendon Press, 1993).

· Richard Swinburne, The Existence of God, revised edition (Clarendon Press, 1991).

· William Alston, Perceiving God (Cornell University Press, 1991).

· J.L. Mackie, The Miracle of Theism (Clarendon Press, 1982).

Other Excellent Sources

· Michael Sudduth, Analytic Philosophy of Religion.

· Richard Davis, Theistic Philosophers on the Web.

· Scott Moore, Philosophy of Religion.

· Society of Christian Philosophers.

· The Center for Philosophy of Religion, University of Notre Dame.

· Origins, Christian Leadership Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ.

· Paul Halsall, Internet Medieval Sourcebook.

· Michael Sudduth, Philosophy of Religion Syllabi.

· Philosophy of Religion Resources, Philosophy Research Base.

· Michael Peterson, William Hasker, Bruce Reichenbach, and David Basinger (eds), Reason and Religious Belief: An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion, 2nd edition (Oxford University Press, 1998).

· Brian Davies, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion (Clarendon Press,1993).

· T.V. Morris, Our Idea of God (InterVarsity Press, 1991).

· John Hick, Philosophy of Religion, 4th edition (Prentice Hall, 1990).

· C. Stephen Evans, Philosophy of Religion: Thinking about Faith (InterVarsity Press, 1985).

· Michael Martin, Atheism: A Philosophical Justification (Temple University Press, 1990).

· Gordon Stein (ed), An Anthology of Atheism and Rationalism (Prometheus Books, 1980).

· Anthony Flew, God and Philosophy (Hutchinson, 1966).

· Linda Zagzebski (ed), Rational Faith: Catholic Responses to Reformed Epistemology (University of Notre Dame Press, 1993).

· Douglas R. Geivett and Brendan Sweetman (eds), Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Epistemology (Oxford University Press, 1992).

· Dewey Hoitenga, Jr., Faith and Reason from Plato to Plantinga: An Introduction to Reformed Epistemology (State University of New York Press, 1991).

· Nicholas Wolterstorff, "Can Belief in God be Rational If It Has No Foundations?" in Faith and Rationality, Alvin Plantinga and Nicholas Wolterstorff (eds) (University of Notre Dame Press, 1983).

· Richard Swinburne, Faith and Reason (Clarendon Press, 1981).

· Basil Mitchell, The Justification of Religious Belief (Oxford University Press, 1981).

· George Mavrodes, Belief in God (Random House, 1970).

· Gerard Hughes, The Nature of God (Routledge, 1995).

· Christopher Hughes, On a Complex Theory of a Simple God (Cornell University Press, 1989).

· Edward Wierenga, The Nature of God: An Inquiry into the Divine Attributes (Cornell University Press, 1989).

· Paul Helm, Eternal God (Clarendon Press, 1988).

· Anthony Kenny, The God of the Philosophers (Oxford University Press, 1979).

· John B. Cobb and David Ray Griffin, Process Theology: An Introductory Exposition (Westminster Press, 1976).

· Stephen Davis, God, Reason, and Theistic Proofs (Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1997).

· Norman Kretzmann, The Metaphysics of Theism (Clarendon Press, 1997).

· Peter Van Inwagen, Metaphysics, chapters 5 and 6 (Westview Press, 1993).

· William Lane Craig and Quentin Smith, Theism, Atheism, and the Big Bang (Oxford University Press, 1993).

· William Lane Craig (ed), The Cosmological Argument from Plato to Leibniz (Barnes and Noble, 1980).

· Terry L. Meith, "The Cosmological Argument: A Research Bibliography," New Scholasticism 52 (Spring 1978), pp. 285-305.

· William Rowe, The Cosmological Argument (Princeton University Press, 1975).

· Anthony Kenny, The Five Ways (Schocken Books, 1969).

· Alvin Plantinga, God and Other Minds (Cornell University Press, 1967).

· F.R. Tennant, Philosophical Theology (Cambridge University Press, 1930).

· Richard Swinburne, Providence and the Problem of Evil (Clarendon Press, 1998).

· Daniel Howard-Synder (ed), The Evidential Argument from Evil (Indiana University Press, 1996).

· Robert and Marilyn Adams (eds), The Problem of Evil (Clarendon Press, 1990).

· John Hick, Evil and the God of Love, revised edition (Harper and Row, 1978).

· Alvin Plantinga, God, Freedom, and Evil (William B. Eerdmans, 1977).

· William Alston, Divine Nature and Human Language: Essays in Philosophical Theology (Cornell University Press, 1989).

· James F. Ross, Portraying Analogy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981).

· David Burrell, Analogy and Philosophical Language (Yale University Press, 1973).

· Frederick Ferre, Language, Logic, and God (Harper and Row, 1969).

· E.L. Mascall, Existence and Analogy (Darton, Longman and Todd, 1966).

· J. Houston, Reported Miracles: A Critique of Hume (Cambridge University Press, 1994).

· Richard Swinburne (ed), Miracles (Clarendon Press, 1989).

· David Basinger and Randall Basinger, Philosophy and Miracle: The Contemporary Debate (Edwin Mellon Press, 1986).

· Richard Swinburne, The Concept of Miracle (Macmillan Press, 1970).

· Jonathan L. Kvanvig, The Problem of Hell (Oxford University Press, 1993).

· Jerry Walls, Hell: The Logic of Damnation (University of Notre Dame Press, 1992).

· Paul Edwards, Immortality (Macmillan, 1992).

· Stephen T. Davis (ed), Death and Afterlife (Macmillan, 1989).

· Richard Swinburne, The Evolution of the Soul (Clarendon Press, 1997).

· John Hick, Death and Eternal Life (Harper and Row, 1976).

· Richard Swinburne, The Christian God (Clarendon Press, 1995).

· Richard Swinburne, Revelation: From Metaphor to Analogy (Clarendon Press, 1992).

· Michael Beaty (ed), Christian Theism and the Problems of Philosophy (University of Notre Dame Press, 1990).

· D.Z. Phillips, Death and Immortality (Macmillan, 1990).

· Godfrey Vessey (ed), The Philosophy in Christianity (Cambridge University Press, 1989).

· T.V. Morris, Logic of God Incarnate (Cornell University Press, 1986).

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