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Ocean Liners -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is ocean liners.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bonsor, N.R.P. North Atlantic Seaway: An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New. Brookside Publications, 1975-1980, 5 vols., rev. ed.

· Gibbs, C.R. Vernon. British Passenger Liners of the Five Oceans. Putnam, 1963.

· Kludas, Arnold. Great Passenger Ships of the World. Patrick Stephens Ltd., 1975-1977, 1986, 6 vols.

· Maxtone-Graham, John. The Only Way to Cross. Macmillan, 1972.

· Ships of State: The Great Atlantic Liners.

· Tate, E. Mowbray. Transpacific Steam: The Story of Steam Navigation from the Pacific Coast of North America to the Far East and the Antipodes, 1867-1941. Cornwall Books, 1986.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bonsor, N.R.P. South Atlantic Seaway: An Illustrated History of the Passenger Lines and Liners from Europe to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Brookside Publications, 1983.

· Braynard, Frank O. Leviathan: World's Greatest Ship. South Street Seaport Museum and American Merchant Marine Museum, 1972-1983, 6 vols.

· Brinnin, John Malcolm. The Sway of the Grand Saloon: A Social History of the North Atlantic. Delacorte Press, 1971.

· Bushell, T.A. "Royal Mail": A Centenary History of the Royal Mail Line, 1839-1939. Trade and Travel Publications, 1939.

· Cable, Boyd. A Hundred Year History of the P.&O.: Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. Ivor Nicholson and Watson, 1937.

· Dawson, Philip. Cruise Ships: An Evolution in Design. Conway Maritime Press, 2000.

· Drechsel, Edwin. Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, 1857-1970. Cordillera, 1994-95, 2 vols.

· Dunn, Lawrence. Passenger Liners. Adlard Coles, 1961, 1965.

· Dunn, Lawrence. Famous Liners of the Past--Belfast Built. Adlard Coles, 1964.

· Emmons, Frederick E. American Passenger Ships: The Ocean Lines and Liners, 1873-1983. University of Deleware Press, 1985.

· Flayhart, William Henry III. The American Line, 1871-1902. Norton, 2000.

· Fletcher, R.A. Traveling Palaces: Luxury in Passenger Steamships. Pitman, 1913.

· Griffiths, Denis. Power of the Great Liners: A History of Atlantic Marine Engineering. Patrick Stephens, 1990.

· Hutchings, David F. Caronia: Legacy of a "Pretty Sister." Shipping Books Press, 2000.

· Hyde, Francis E. Cunard and the North Atlantic: 1840-1973. Macmillan, 1975.

· Kludas, Arnold. Record Breakers of the North Atlantic: Blue Riband Liners, 1838-1952. Chatham Publishing, 2000.

· Kohler, Peter C. The Lido Fleet: Italian Line Passenger Ships and Services. Seadragon Press, 1998.

· Maber, John M. North Star to Southern Cross: The Story of Australasian Seaways. T. Stephenson and Sons, 1967.

· Maxtone-Graham, John. Liners to the Sun. Macmillan, 1985.

· Maxtone-Graham, John. Crossing and Cruising from the Golden Era of Ocean Liners to the Luxury Cruise Ships of Today. Scribner's, 1992.

· Murray, Marischal. Union-Castle Chronicle, 1853-1953. Longmans, Green, 1953.

· Oldham, Wilton J. The Ismay Line: The White Star Line and the Ismay Family Story. Journal of Commerce, 1961.

· Smith, Eugene W. Passenger Ships of the World: Past and Present. George Dean, 1978, 2nd ed.

· Turner, Robert D. The Pacific Empresses: An Illustrated History of Canadian Pacific Railway's Empress Liners on the Pacific Ocean. Sono Nis Press, 1981.

· Tyler, David Budlong. Steam Conquers the Atlantic. Appleton Century, 1939.

· Watson, Milton H. Disasters at Sea. Patrick Stephens, 1987.

· Williams, David. Wartime Disasters at Sea: Every Passenger Ship Loss in World Wars I and II. Patrick Stephens, 1997.

· Williams, David. Liners in Battledress: Wartime Camoflage and Colour Schemes for Passenger Ships. Conway Maritime Press, 1989.

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