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Silverwork -- United States

The following sources are recommended by a museum curator whose research specialty is American silverwork.


Six Superlative Sources

· Fales, Martha Gandy. Early American Silver. Revised and enlarged edition. E.P. Dutton, 1973.

· Hood, Graham. American Silver: A History of Style, 1650-1900. Praeger Publishers, 1971.

· Kane, Patricia E., ed., with contributions by Jeannine J. Falino, Deborah A. Federhen, Patricia E. Kane, Barbara McLean Ward, and Gerald W.R. Ward, and with the assistance of Karen L. Wight and Edgard Moreno. Colonial Massachusetts Silversmiths and Jewelers: A Biographical Dictionary Based on the Notes of Francis Hill Bigelow and John Marshall Phillips. Yale University Art Gallery, 1998.

· Venable, Charles T. Silver in America, 1840-1940: A Century of Splendor. Dallas Museum of Art, 1995; distributed by Harry N. Abrams.

· Ward, Barbara McLean, and Gerald W.R. Ward, eds. Silver in American Life: Selections from the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University. The American Federation of Arts; David R. Godine, 1979.

· Warren, David B., Katherine S. Howe, and Michael K. Brown; introduction by Gerald W.R. Ward. Marks of Achievement: Four Centuries of American Presentation Silver. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in association with Harry N. Abrams, 1987.

Other Excellent Sources

· Barquist, David L., with essays by Jon Butler and Jonathan D. Sarna. Myer Myers: Jewish Silversmith in Colonial New York. Yale University Art Gallery in association with Yale University Press, 2001.

· Belden, Louise Conway. Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection. University Press of Virginia for the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1980.

· Braznell, W. Scott. "Metalsmithing and Jewelrymaking, 1900-1920." The Ideal Home: The History of Twentieth-Century American Craft, 1900-1920, edited by Janet Kardon, pp. 55-63. Harry N. Abrams in association with the American Craft Museum, 1993.

· Buhler, Kathryn C. American Silver, 1655-1825, in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 2 vols. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1972; distributed by New York Graphic Society.

· Buhler, Kathryn C., and Graham Hood. American Silver: Garvan and Other Collections in the Yale University Art Gallery. 2 vols. Yale University Press for the Yale University Art Gallery, 1970.

· Carpenter, Charles H., Jr. Gorham Silver, 1831-1981. Dodd, Mead, 1982.

· Carpenter, Charles H., Jr., with Mary Grace Carpenter. Tiffany Silver. Dodd Mead, 1978.

· Chickering, Elenita C., with Sarah Morgan Ross. Arthur J. Stone, 1847-1938: Designer and Silversmith. Boston Athenaeum, 1994.

· Cooper, Wendy A. Classical Taste in America, 1800-1840. Baltimore Museum of Art and Abbeville Press, 1993.

· Ensko, Stephen Guernsey Cook. American Silversmiths and Their Marks IV. Revised and enlarged by Dorothea Ensko Wyle. David R. Godine, 1989.

· Fales, Martha Gandy. Joseph Richardson and Family: Philadelphia Silversmiths. Wesleyan University Press for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1974.

· Heckscher, Morrison H., and Leslie Greene Bowman. American Rococo, 1750-1775: Elegance in Ornament. Metropolitan Museum of Art; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1992.

· Hood, William P., Roslyn Berlin, and Edward Wawrynek. Tiffany Silver Flatware, 1845-1905: When Dining Was an Art. Antique Collectors' Club, 2000.

· Jones, E. Alfred. The Old Silver of American Churches. Arden Press, 1913.

· Keefe, John Webster, and Samuel J. Hough. Magnificent, Marvelous Martelé: American Art Nouveau Silver. New Orleans Museum of Art, 2001.

· McClinton, Katharine Morrison. Collecting American 19th Century Silver. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1968.

· Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks, and Maker's Marks.

· Quimby, Ian M.G., with Dianne Johnson. American Silver at Winterthur. Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1995.

· Rainwater, Dorothy T., and H. Ivan Rainwater. American Silverplate. Thomas Nelson; Everybodys Press, 1968.

· Rainwater, Dorothy T., and Judy Redfield. Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers. 4th revised edition. Schiffer Publishing, 1998.

· Society of American Silversmiths.

· Stern, Jewel. "Striking the Modern Note in Metal." Craft in the Machine Age, 1920-1945: The History of Twentieth-Century American Craft, edited by Janet Kardon, pp. 122-34. Harry N. Abrams in association with the American Craft Museum, 1995.

· Turner, Noel D. American Silver Flatware, 1837-1910. A.S. Barnes, 1972.

· Vermeule, Cornelius. Numismatic Art in America: Aesthetics of the United States Coinage. Harvard University Press, Belknap Press, 1971.

· Ward, Barbara McLean. "'In a Feasting Posture': Communion Vessels and Community Values in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century New England." Winterthur Portfolio 23, no. 1 (Spring 1988): 1-24.

· Ward, Barbara McLean, and Gerald W.R. Ward. "American Silver and Gold." Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America, 1650-1920: An Annotated Bibliography, edited by Kenneth L. Ames and Gerald W.R. Ward, pp. 139-57. Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1989; distributed by University Press of Virgina.

· Waters, Deborah Dependahl. "From Pure Coin: The Manufacture of American Silver Flatware, 1800-1860." Winterthur Portfolio 12, edited by Ian M.G. Quimby, pp. 19-33. University Press of Virginia for the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1977.

· Waters, Deborah Dependahl, ed. Elegant Plate: Three Centuries of Precious Metals in New York City. 2 vols. Museum of the City of New York, 2000.

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   Silverwork -- United States
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