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Library Instruction -- History

The following sources are recommended by a librarian whose research specialty is the history of library instruction.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bishop, W.W. (1912). Training in the Use of Books. Sewanee Review, 20 (July), pp. 265-81.

· Hopkins, F.L. (1982). A Century of Bibliographic Instruction: The Historic Claim to Professional and Academic Legitimacy. College and Research Libraries, 43 (May), pp. 192-98.

· Lorenzen, M. (2001). Brief History of Library Instruction in the United States. Illinois Libraries, 83 (2), pp. 8-18.

· Rubin, R. (1977). Azariah Smith Root and Library Instruction at Oberlin College. Journal of Library History, Philosophy and Comparative Librarianship, 12 (Summer), 250-61.

· Teifel, V. (1995). Library User Education: Examining Its Past, Projecting Its Future. Library Trends, 44 (Fall), 318-38.

· Winsor, J. (1880). College Libraries as Aids to Instruction: The College Library. In Circulars of Information of the Bureau of Education, No. 1. United States Government Printing Office, pp. 7-14.

Other Excellent Sources

· Branscomb, H. (1964). Teaching with Books: A Study of College Libraries. American Library Association and Association of American Colleges (1940), reprinted by Shoe String Press.

· Hardesty, L.L., Scmitt, J.P., and Tucker, J.M. (1986). User Instruction in Academic Libraries: A Century of Selected Readings. Scarecrow Press.

· Hopkins, F.L. (1981). User Instruction in the College Library: Origins, Prospects, and a Practical Program. In College Librarianship, ed. by W. Miller and D.S. Rockwood. Scarecrow Press, pp. 173-204.

· Knapp, P.B. (1966). The Monteith College Library Experiment. Scarecrow Press.

· Robinson, O.H. (1880). College Libraries as Aids to Instruction: Rochester University Library -- Administration and Use. In Circulars of Information of the Bureau of Education, No. 1. United States Government Printing Office, pp. 15-27.

· Salmon, L.M. (1913). Instruction in the Use of a College Library. ALA Bulletin, 7 (July), 301-09.

· Tucker, J.M. (1980). Articles on Library Instruction in Colleges and Universities, 1876-1932. Occasional Papers, No. 143. Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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