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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is manatees.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hartman, D.S. 1979. Ecology and behavior of the manatee (Trichechus manatus) in Florida. Special Publication No. 5, American Society of Mammalogists. 153pp.

· Lefebvre, L.W., T.J. O'Shea, G.B. Rathbun, and R.C. Best. 1989. Distribution, status, and biogeography of the West Indian manatee. pp. 567-610. IN: C.A. Woods (ed.), Biogeography of the West Indies, Sandhill Crane Press.

· O'Shea, T.J., B.B. Ackerman, and H.F. Percival (eds.). 1995. Population biology of the Florida manatee. U.S. Department of the Interior, National Biological Service, Information and Technology Report 1. 289pp.

· Reynolds, J.E. III. 1999. Efforts to conserve the manatees. pp. 267-295. IN: J.R. Twiss, Jr., and R.R. Reeves (eds.), Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals, Smithsonian Institution Press, 471pp.

· Reynolds, J.E. III, and S.A. Rommel. 1999. Biology of Marine Mammals, Smithsonian Institution Press, 578pp.

· U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In prep/2001. Florida Manatee Recovery Plan. Prepared by the Florida Manatee Recovery Team, coordinated through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Other Excellent Sources

· Deutsch, C.J., et al. 1998. Radio-tracking manatees from land and space: tag design, implementation, and lessons learned from long-term study. Marine Technology Society Journal 32(1):18-29.

· Deutsch, C.J., et al. 2000. Seasonal movements, migratory behavior, and site fidelity of West Indian manatees along the Atlantic coast of the United States as determined by radio-telemetry. Final Report of the Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. 119pp. and app.

· Domning, D.P. 1982. Evolution of manatees: a speculative history. Journal of Paleontology 56(3):599-619.

· Domning, D.P. 1991. Why save the manatee. pp. 168-173. IN: J.E. Reynolds III, and D.K. Odell, Manatees and Dugongs, Facts on File, 192pp.

· Domning, D.P. 1996. Bibliography and Index of the Sirenia and Desmostylia. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleontology, No. 80. 611pp.

· Domning, D.P. and J.C. Hayek. Interspecific and intraspecific morphological variation in manatees (Sirenia: Trichechus). Marine Mammal Science 2:87-144.

· Eberhardt, L.L., R.A. Garrott, and B.L. Becker. 1999. Using trend indices for endangered species. Marine Mammal Science 15:766-785.

· Garcia-Rodriguez, A.I., et al. 1998. Phylogeography of the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus): How many populations and how many taxa? Molecular Ecology 7:1137-1149.

· Langtimm, C.A., et al. 1998. Estimates of annual survival probabilities for adult Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris). Ecology 79(3):981-997.

· Lefebvre, L.W., et al. 2000. Characterizing manatee habitat use and seagreass grazing in Florida and Puerto Rico: implications for conservation and management. Pac. Cons. Biol. 5:289-298.

· Marmontel, M., S.R. Humphrey, and T.J. O'Shea. 1997. Population viability analysis of the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris), 1976-1991. Conservation Biology 11:467-481.

· Marsh, H., and L.W. Lefebvre. 1994. Sirenian status and conservation efforts. Aquatic Mammals 20(3):155-170.

· McClenaghan, L.R., and T.J. O'Shea. 1988. Genetic variability in the Florida manatee, Trichechus manatus. Journal of Mammalogy 69:481-488.

· O'Shea, T.J. 1988. The past, present, and future of manatees in the southeastern United States: realities, misunderstandings, and enigmas. pp. 184-204. IN: R.R. Odom, et al. (eds.), Proc. 3rd Southeastern Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Symposium. Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 253pp.

· O'Shea, T.J. 1995. Waterborne recreation and the Florida manatee. pp. 297-311. IN: R.L. Knight and K.J. Gutzwiller (eds.), Wildlife and Recreationists: Coexistence through Management and Research, Island Press.

· Packard, J.M., R.C. Summers, and L.B. Barnes. 1985. Variation of visibility bias during aerial surveys of manatees. Journal of Wildlife Management 49(2):347-351.

· Reeves, R.R., B.S. Stewart, and S. Leatherwood. 1992. The Sierra Club Handbook of Seals and Sirenians. Sierra Club Books, 359pp.

· Reynolds, J.E. III, and K.D. Haddad (eds.) 1990. Report of the Workshop on Geographic Information Systems as an Aid to Managing Habitat for West Indian Manatees in Florida and Georgia. Florida Marine Research Publication No. 49. 98pp.

· Reynolds, J.E., III, and D.K. Odell. 1991. Manatees and Dugongs, Facts on File, 192pp.

· Ripple, J. 1999. Manatees and Dugongs of the World. Worldlife Discovery Guides, Voyageur Press, Stillwater, MN. 131pp.

· Rosas, F.C.W. 1994. Biology, conservation and status of the Amazonian manatee, Trichechus inunguis. Mammal Review 24(2):49-59.

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