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Mickey Mouse Comics

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is Mickey Mouse comic books.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hamilton, Bruce, ed: Mickey Mouse in Color. Pantheon Books; Another Rainbow Publ., 1988.

· Arn Saba: Mickey's Other Master (interview with Floyd Gottfredson). The Comics Journal, no. 120, 1988.

· Tom Andrae: The Mouse«s Other Master (interview with Floyd Gottfredson). Nemo the Classic Comics Library, no. 6, pp. 6-15. Fantagraphics Books, 1984.

· David Gerstein: Floyd Gottfredson.

· Klaus Spillman: The Man Who Drew More Tales for the Mouse: An Interview with Paul Murry. The Duckburg Times, no. 16, pp. 17-23. Private press (Frank Gabbard), 1982.

· Germund Silvegren: Here's the Classic Mickey Mouse of Paul Murry, 1997.

Other Excellent Sources

· Leonardo Gori and and Francesco Stajano: Il grande Floyd Gottfredson: Una Vita con Topolino. Comic Art, 1998. In Italian.

· Alberto Becattini: Floyd and Mickey: Gottfredson, Disney e Topolino: Mezzo Secolo di Umorismo Avventura. Comic Art, 1998. In Italian.

· Floyd Gottfredson: Mickey Mouse and Me. The Illustrator, vol. 63, no. 4, Art Instruction Schools, 1976.

· Anders Berglund: En Mus om Dagen ("A Mouse a Day"). NAFS(k)uriren, no. 25, pp. 38-48. Published by NAFS(k), 1995. In Swedish.

· Howard Lowery Auction Catalogue, March 1993: The Malcolm Willits Collection of Mickey Mouse Paintings by Floyd Gottfredson. Howard Lowery, 1993.

· Germund Silvegren: Musse i Serietidningarnas Värld ("Mickey Mouse in the World of Comic Books"). NAFS(k)uriren, no. 25, pp. 50-62. Published by NAFS(k), 1995. In Swedish.

· Alberto Becattini: Disney Comics: La Storia, i Personaggi: 1930-1995. Comic Art, 1995. In Italian.

· Luca Boschi, Leonardo Gori, and Andrea Sani: I Disney Italiano. Granata Press, 1990. In Italian.

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