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Africa, West -- Pre-Colonial Kingdoms and Empires

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is West African history.


Six Superlative Sources

· Jean Boulègue. 1987. Le grand Jolof (XIIIe - XVIe siecle). Éditions Façades.

· John Hunwick. 1999. Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire: Al-Sa'di's Ta'rikh al-Sudan down to 1613 and Other Contemporary Documents. Brill.

· Murray D. Last. 1967. The Sokoto Caliphate. Longman.

· Nehemia Levtzion. 1973. Ancient Ghana and Mali. Methuen (reprinted 1980, Africana Publishing).

· T.C. McCaskie. 1995. State and Society in Pre-Colonial Asante. Cambridge University Press.

· David Robinson. 1985. The Holy War of Umar Tal: The Western Sudan in the Mid-Nineteenth Century. Clarendon Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Joe Ebiegberi Alagoa. 1964. The Small Brave City-State: A History of Nembe-Brass in the Niger Delta. Ibadan University Press (reprinted 1981, University of Wisconsin Press).

· Sabouri O. Biobaku. 1957. The Egba and Their Neighbors, 1842-1872. Clarendon Press (reprinted 1991, University Press PLC).

· R.E. Bradbury. 1970. The Benin Kingdom and the Edo-Speaking Peoples of Southwestern Nigeria. International Studies Institute.

· S.J.S. Cookey. 1974. King Jaja of the Niger Delta: His Life and Times, 1821-1891. Nok.

· German Dieterlen and Diarra Sylla. 1992. L'Empire de Ghana: Le Wagadou et les Traditions de Yéréré. Éditions Karthala.

· Kenneth O. Dike. 1956. Trade and Politics in the Niger Delta, 1830-85. Clarendon Press.

· Melville J. Herskovits. 1938 and 1967. Dahomey, an Ancient West African Kingdom. Vol. 1, J.J. Augustin. Vol. 2, Northwestern University Press.

· A.J. Latham. 1973. Old Calabar, 1600-1891: The Impact of the International Economy upon a Traditional Society. Clarendon Press.

· S.F. Nadel. 1942. A Black Byzantium: The Kingdom of Nupe in Nigeria. Oxford University Press.

· Djibril Tamsir Niane. 1989. Histoire des Mandingues de l'Ouest: Le Royaume du Gabou. Karthala/ARSAN.

· Yves Person. 1968-75 (3 vols). Samori. Une Révolution Dyula. IFAN Mémoire.

· Robert Smith. 1988. Kingdoms of the Yoruba. Third edition. Currey.

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