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Political Violence and the Law

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is political violence and the law.


Six Superlative Sources

· Collective Violence: Harmful Behavior in Groups and Governments. Craig Summers and Eric Markusen (Editors), Rowman and Littlefield, 1999.

· The International Dimensions of Internal Conflict. Michael E. Brown (Editor), MIT Press, 1999.

· Postmodern Insurgencies: Political Violence, Identity Formation, and Peacemaking in Comparative Perspective. Ronaldo Munck and Purnaka L. De Silva (Editors), and Adama Dieng (Foreword), St. Martin's, 1999.

· Violence and Its Alternatives: An Interdisciplinary Reader. Manfred B. Steger and Nancy S. Lind (Editors), St. Martin's, 1999.

· Terrorism, Legitimacy and Power: The Consequences of Political Violence. Martha Crenshaw, Wesleyan University Press, 1983.

· Constitutions in Crisis: Political Violence and the Rule of Law. John E. Finn, Oxford University Press, 1991.

Other Excellent Sources

· Reflections on Violence. Georges Sorel and Jeremy Jennings, Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought, Cambridge University Press, 1999.

· Consequences of Political Violence. Christopher Hewitt, Dartmouth Publishing, 1993.

· Shadow of Death: An Analytic Bibliography on Political Violence, Terrorism, and Low-Intensity Conflict. Henry W. Prunckun, Scarecrow Press, 1995.

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