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Party Government in Parliamentary Democracies

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is parliamentary democracies.


Six Superlative Sources

· Michael Laver and Norman Schofield. 1998. Multiparty Government: The Politics of Coalition in Europe. University of Michigan Press. (Reprint, with new preface, of book published in 1990 by Cambridge University Press.)

· Kaare Strom. 1990. Minority Government and Majority Rule. Cambridge University Press.

· Michael Laver and Kenneth Shepsle. 1996. Making and Breaking Governments: Cabinets and Legislatures in Parliamentary Democracies. Cambridge University Press.

· Gary King, James E. Alt, Nancy Elizabeth Burns, and Michael Laver. 1990. "A Unified Model of Cabinet Dissolution in Parliamentary Democracies." American Journal of Political Science 34, no. 3 (Aug.): 846-871.

· Norman Schofield. 1993. "Political Competition and Multiparty Coalition Governments." European Journal of Political Research 23, no. 1 (Jan.): 1-33.

· Carol Mershon. 2002. The Costs of Coalition. Stanford University Press.

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   Party Government in Parliamentary Democracies
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