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Social Science -- Study and Teaching -- Elementary

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is teaching elementary social science.


Six Superlative Sources

· Tunnell, M.O., and Ammon, R. (1993). The story of ourselves: Teaching history through children's literature. Heinemann. ISBN 0-435-08725-8

· Laughlin, M.K., and Kardaleff, P.P. (1991). Literature-based social studies: Children's books and activities to enrich K-5 curriculum. The Oryx Press. ISBN 0-89774-605-8

· Silverblank, F. (1992). An annotated bibliography of historical fiction for the social studies: Grades 5 through 12. National Council for the Social Studies. ISBN 0-8403-7516-6

· Krey, D.M. (1998). Children's literature in social studies: Teaching to the standards. National Council for the Social Studies. ISBN 0-87986-076-6

· Zarnowski, M., and Gallagher, A.F. (1993). Children's literature and social studies: Selecting and using notable books in the classroom. National Council for the Social Studies. ISBN 0-8403-8951-5

· McGowan, T.M., Erickson, L., and Neufeld, J.A, (1996). With reason and rhetoric: Building the case for the literature-social studies connection. Social Education, 60(4), 203-207.

Other Excellent Sources

· Davis, J.C., and Palmer, J. (1992). A strategy for using children's literature to extend the social studies curriculum. The Social Studies, 83(3), 125-128.

· Perez-Stable, M.A. (1996). A kaleidoscope of perspectives in children's literature about slavery and the American Civil War. The Social Studies, 87(1), 24-31.

· Lickteig, M.J., and Danielson, K.E. (1995). Use children's books to link cultures of the world. The Social Studies, 86(2), 69-73.

· Lindquist, T. (1995). Why and how I use historical fiction. Instructor, 105(3), 46-48.

· Edgington, W.D. (1998). The use of children's literature in middle school social studies: What the research does and does not show. The Clearing House, 72(2), 121-125.

· Nawrot, K. (1996). Making connections with historical fiction. The Clearing House, 69(6), 343-345.

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