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Thermal Sciences

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is heat transfer.


Six Superlative Sources

· B. Gebhart, Y. Jaluria, R.L. Mahajan, and B. Sammakia, 1988, Buoyancy Induced Flows and Transport, Hemisphere Publishing Corporation.

· E.M. Sparrow and J.L. Gregg, 1959, A boundary layer treatment of laminar-film condensation, ASME J. Heat Transfer, V. 81, pp. 13-18.

· S.V. Patankar, 1980, Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Hemisphere Publishing.

· S. Nukiyama, 1934, The maximum and minimum values of heat transmitted from metal to boiling water under atmospheric pressure, J. Japan Soc. Mech. Engr., V. 37, p. 367. English translation: Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, V. 9 (1966), p. 1419.

· R. Siegel and J.R. Howell, 2001, Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, 2nd Ed., Taylor and Francis.

· H. Schlichting, 1999, Boundary-Layer Theory, Springer Verlag.

Other Excellent Sources

· J.H. Lienhard and C.W. Vanatta, 1989, The decay of turbulence in thermally stratified flow, J. Fluid Mechanics, V. 210, pp. 57-112.

· J.C. Han, L.R. Glicksman, and W.M. Rohsenow, 1978, Investigation of heat transfer and friction for rib-roughened surfaces, Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, V. 21 (8), pp. 1143-56.

· B. Gebhart and R.L. Mahajan, 1982, Instability and transition in buoyancy-induced flows, Advances in Applied Mechanics, V. 22, pp. 231-315.

· W.M. Rohsenow, 1956, Heat transfer and temperature distribution in laminar-film condensation, Trans. ASME, V. 78, p. 1645.

· R.L. Mahajan, 1996, Transport phenomena in chemical vapor-deposition systems, Advances in Heat Transfer, V. 28, pp. 339-415.

· V.S. Arpaci, 1999, Conduction Heat Transfer, Addison-Wesley.

· T.Q. Qoi and C.L. Tien, 1992, Short-pulse laser heating on metals, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, V. 35 (3), pp. 719-26.

· A.E. Bergles, 1983, Enhancement of heat transfer, Heat Transfer, V. 6, pp. 89-108.

· E.N. Sieder and G.E. Tate, 1936, Heat transfer and pressure drop of liquids in tubes, Ind. Eng. Chem., V. 28, pp. 1429-36.

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