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Homelessness and Mental Illness

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is homelessness and mental illness.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cohen, CI and KS Thompson (1992). Homeless Mentally Ill or Mentally Ill Homeless? American Journal of Psychiatry 149 (6, 816-823).

· Goldman HH and Morrissey JP (1985). The Alchemy of Mental Health Policy: Homelessness and the Fourth Cycle of Reform. American Journal of Public Health 75 (7), 727-731.

· Hopper K (1988). More Than Passing Strang: Homelessness and Mental Illness in New York City. American Ethnologist 15 (1), 155-167.

· Koegel P (1992). Through a Different Lens: An Anthropological Perspective on the Homeless Mentally Ill. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry 16, 1-22.

· Rowe M, Hoge MA, and Fisk D (1996). Critical Issues in Serving People Who Are Homeless and Mentally Ill. Administration and Policy in Mental Health 23 (6), 555-565.

· Segal SP and Baumohl J (1980). Engaging the Disengaged: Proposals on Madness and Vagrancy. Social Work 24 (5), 358-365.

Other Excellent Sources

· Chafetz L (1990). Withdrawal from the Homeless Mentally Ill. Community Mental Health Journal 26 (5, 449-460).

· Lovell AM (1992). Seizing the Moment: Power, Contingency, and Temporality in Street Life. In The Politics of Time, ed. HJ Rutz, American Anthropological Society Monograph Series 4, 86-107. American Anthropological Association.

· Estroff SE (1995). Medicalizing the Margins: On Being Disgracaed, Disordered, and Deserving. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal 8 (4), 34-39.

· Rowe M (1999). Crossing the Border: Encounters Between Homeless People and Outreach Workers. University of California Press.

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