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Archivio Vaticano -- History -- Sources

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the Vatican.


Six Superlative Sources

· Owen Chadwick, Catholicism and History: The Opening of the Vatican Archives, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1978.

· Vatican Archives: An Inventory and Guide to Historical Documents of the Holy See, Francis X. Blouin, Leonard E. Coombs, Elizabeth Yakel, Claudia Carlen, and Katherine Gill, eds., Oxford University Press, 1998.

· Leonard E. Boyle, A Survey of the Vatican Archives and Its Mediaeval Holdings, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1972.

· Thomas Frenz, Papsturkunden del Mittelalters und der Neuzeit, Stuttgart, 1986. Also published as Documenti pontifici nel medioevo e nell'eta moderna, (translated by Sergio Pagano), Archivio Vaticano, 1989.

· Germano Gualdo, Sussidi per la consultazione dell'Archivio Vaticano, Archivio Vaticano, 1989.

· Bibliografia dell'Archivio Vaticano, Archivio Vaticano, 1962- .

Other Excellent Sources

· M. L. Ambrosini and M. Willis, The Secret Archives of the Vatican, Little, Brown, 1969.

· Karl August Fink, Das vatikanishche Archiv: Einführung in die Bestände und ihre Erforschung, 2nd ed. Regensburg, 1951.

· N. Kowalsky and J. Metzler, Inventory of the Historical Archives of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples or "Propaganda Fide," 3rd enlarged ed., 1988.

· L. MacFarlane, "The Vatican Archives: With Special Reference to Sources for Medieval British History," Archives 4 (1959): 29-44, 84-101.

· Josef Metzler, "The Vatican Archives and their Missionary Holdings," Mission Studies 7/1 (1990): 108-117.

· T. Natalini, S. Pagano, A. Martini, eds. Archivio segreto vaticano, 1991.

· Lajos Pásztor, Guida degli fonti per la storia dell' America Latina negli archivi della Santa Sede e degli archivi ecclisiastici d'Italia, Archivio Vaticano, 1970.

· Lajos Pásztor, Guida degli fonti per la storia dell' Africaa Sud negli archivi della Santa Sede e degli archivi ecclisiastici d'Italia, Zug, UNESCO, 1983.

· Vatican Secret Archives

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