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Art -- Oceania (Pacific Islands)

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is the Pacific Islands.


Six Superlative Sources

· Art of Pacific Cultures. Dr. Chris Witcombe has created the most complete index of art history resources available on the Internet, and Oceania has not been overlooked.

· Carolyn Leigh's online guide to artifacts, from New Guinea tribal art to Indonesian folk art. The site carries monthly articles, an annotated art gallery, and link lists for Oceanic art.

· Herle, Anita, Nick Stanley, Karen Stevenson, and Robert L. Welsch. 2002. Pacific Art: Persistence, Change, and Meaning. University of Hawaii Press. A collection of essays on themes currently shaping the study of Pacific art.

· Just Pacific. Dr. Roderick Ewins brings together an excellent collection of articles, pictures, and weblinks relating to the art, culture, and society of Fiji and the wider Pacific.

· Kaeppler, Adrienne, C. Kaufmann, and Douglas Newton. 1997. Oceanic Art. Harry N. Abrams. The first major survey of the arts of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia in more than three decades, this admirable volume brings the reader up to date on recent scholarship in the field. Of the 900 illustrations, over a third are new.

· Meyer, Anthony J.P. 2000. Oceanic Art. Konemann. This two-volume work provides 800 stunning color photos of art objects from all across the Pacific. The website of the author's Paris art gallery, Galerie Meyer Oceanic Art, is also worth a look.

Other Excellent Sources

· Barbieri, Gian Paolo. 1998. Tahiti Tattoos. Taschen America. An outstanding reference on the Polynesian art of tattooing.

· Bonnemaison, Joel, Kirk Huffman, Christian Kaufmann, and Darrell Tryon. 1997. Arts of Vanuatu. University of Hawaii Press. This book goes far beyond the visual arts reflected in the title to present a complete anthropological picture of the country. Some 383 illustrations accompany the text.

· D'Alleva, Anne. 1998. Arts of the Pacific Islands. Harry N. Abrams. Brings the arts and cultures of the islands to life.

· The Di Rienzi Gallery. An online art gallery exhibiting 84 engravings from M.G.L. Domeny di Rienzi's three-volume work, Oceanie ou Cinquieme Partie du Monde, published in Paris in 1836.

· The Fiji Museum. The Fiji Museum in Suva displays archaeological material dating back 3,500 years, plus cultural objects representing both indigenous Fijians and other island communities.

· Jowitt, Glenn, and Peter Shaw. 2000. Pacific Island Style. Thames and Hudson. The traditional architecture and crafts of the region given a contemporary spin.

· Mallon, Sean. 2003. Samoan Art and Artists: O Measina a Samoa. University of Hawaii Press. The first broad survey of Samoan art since the 1930s.

· Oceania Ethnographica. Old photographs and postcards, sound recordings, rare books, and Oceanic art objects for sale online.

· Oceanic. Professor Ron Johnson has posted numerous old photos, engravings, and maps on this unique site.

· Oceanic Art Society. A non-profit organization whose main aim is to further and promote the understanding and appreciation of Oceanic art.

· Pacific Arts Association. An international organization devoted to the study of the arts of Oceania.

· Rongokea, Lynnsay. 2001. The Art of Tivaevae. University of Hawaii Press. A well-illustrated study of the patchwork quilts introduced to the Cook Islands by missionaries a century ago.

· Seaver Kurze, Joan T. 1997. Ingrained Images: Carvings in Wood from Easter Island. Easter Island Foundation. A lavishly illustrated study of contemporary Rapanui wood carvings with comparisons to historic pieces.

· Smith, Vanessa. 2005. Literary Culture and the Pacific. Cambridge University Press. A survey of 19th-century accounts of the Pacific islands, with special attention to the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson.

· Stanley, David. 2004. Moon Handbooks South Pacific. Avalon Travel Publishing. This 1067-page travel handbook helps put Oceanic artistic traditions in context.

· St Cartmail, Keith. 1997. The Art of Tonga. University of Hawaii Press. The first book solely devoted to this powerfully fresh art style.

· Thomas, Nicholas. 1995. Oceanic Art. Thames and Hudson. Almost 200 illustrations grace the pages of this readable survey.

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