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Malignant Glioma

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is malignant glioma.


Six Superlative Sources

· Journal of Neuro-Oncology. ISSN 0167-594X. 1983-present.

· Berger, Mitchel S., and Charles B. Wilson. The Gliomas. W.B. Saunders, 1999.

· Black, Peter McL., and Jay S. Loeffler. Cancer of the Nervous System. Blackwell Science, 1997.

· Levine, Arnold J., and Henry H. Schmidek, eds. Molecular Genetics of Nervous System Tumors. Wiley-Liss, 1993.

· American Brain Tumor Association. A Primer of Brain Tumors: A Patient's Reference Manual. 8th edition. American Brain Tumor Association, 2004.

· The National Brain Tumor Society.

Other Excellent Sources

· Neurosurgery: Official Journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. ISSN 0148-396X. 1977-present.

· Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumors.

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