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Environmental Restoration

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is environmental restoration.


Six Superlative Sources

· J. Berger, ed. 1990. Environmental Restoration. Island Press, 400 p.

· A.D. Bradshaw and M.J. Chadwick. 1980. The Restoration of Land: The Ecology and Reclamation of Derelict and Degraded Land. University of California Press, 317 p.

· H. Schiechtl. 1980. Bioengineering for Land Reclamation and Conservation. University of Alberta Press, 404 p.

· J.A. Kusler and M.E. Kentula, eds. 1990. Wetland Creation and Restoration. Island Press, 600 p.

· S. Packard and C.F. Mutel, eds. 1997. The Tallgrass Restoration Handbook: For Prairies, Savannas and Woodlands. Island Press, 463 p.

· D.L. Pearson and C.V. Klimas, eds. 1995. The Role of Restoration in Ecosystems Management. Society for Ecological Restoration, 219 p.

Other Excellent Sources

· Restoration Ecology (journal).

· Ecological Restoration (journal).

· E.B. Allen, ed. 1988. The Reconstruction of Disturbed Arid Lands. Westview Press, 267 p.

· M.K. Briggs. 1996. Riparian Ecosystem Recovery in Arid Lands. University of Arizona Press, 159 p.

· J.A. Harris, P. Birch, and J. Palmer. 1996. Land Restoration and Reclamation: Principles and Practice. Longman House, 230 p.

· W.R. Jordan, M.E. Gilpin, and J.D. Aber, eds. 1987. Restoration Ecology: A Synthetic Approach to Ecological Research. Cambridge University Press, 342 p.

· A. Riley. 1999. Restoring Streams in Cities. Island Press, 423 p.

· R. Noss and A.Y. Cooperider. 1994. Saving Nature's Legacy: Protecting and Restoring Biodiversity. Island Press, 416 p.

· D.A. Bainbridge, R. MacAller, M. Fidelibus, R. Franson, L. Lippitt, and A.C. Williams. 1995. A Beginner's Guide to Desert Restoration. National Park Service, 34 p.

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