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Skin -- Thermal Regulation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the skin as a regulator of body temperature.


Six Superlative Sources

· K.R. Holmes and T. Adams, "Epidermal thermal conductivity and stratum corneum hydration in cat footpad," Am. J. Physiol., 228:1903-1908 (1975).

· M.S. Steinmetz and T. Adams, "Epidermal water and electrolyte content and the thermal electrical and mechanical properties of skin," Chapter 23, , pages 191-207, in: R. Marks and P.A. Payne, (eds), Bioengineering and the Skin, MTS Press (1981).

· T. Adams, M.A. Steinmetz, S.R. Heisey, K.R. Holmes, and P. Greenman, "Physiologic basis for skin properties in palpatory physical diagnosis," J. Amer. Osteopath. Assoc., 81:366/55-377/66 (1982).

· T. Adams and W.S. Hunter, "Modification of skin mechanical properties by eccrine sweat gland activity," J. Appl. Physiol., 26:417-419 (1969).

· E. Liebowitz, D.S. Seidman, A. Laor, Y. Shapiro, and Y. Epstein, "Are psoriatic patients at risk in heat intolerance?" Brit. J. Dermatol., 124(5):439-442 (1991).

· W. Montagna, The Structure and Function of the Skin, Academic Press, pp. 313 (1962).

Other Excellent Sources

· K. Laden and C.B. Fegler (eds), Antiperspirants and Deodorants, Marcel Dekker (1988).

· P.F. Millington and R. Wilkinson, Skin, Cambridge University Press, pp. 43 (1983).

· J.H. Thaysen and I.L. Schwartz, "Fatigue of the sweat glands," J. Clin. Investig., 34:1719-1725 (1955).

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