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Reid, Thomas (1710-1796)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is philosopher Thomas Reid.


Six Superlative Sources

· Reid, Thomas. The Works of Thomas Reid, D.D., Prefixed, Stewart's Account of the Life and Writings of Reid, Now Fully Collected with Selections from His Unpublished Letters. Preface, Notes and Supplementary Dissertations by Sir William Hamilton, sixth edition (Maclachlan and Stewart, 1863; Thoemmes Press, 1994).

· Smith, John-Christian. A Companion to the Works of Philosopher Thomas Reid (Edwin Mellen Press, 2000).

· Reid, Thomas. Thomas Reid, An Inquiry into the Human Mind: On the Principles of Common Sense, A Critical Edition, edited by Derek R. Brookes (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997).

· Reid, Thomas. Thomas Reid's Inquiry and Essays, abridged resetting of Hamilton's sixth edition, edited by Keith Lehrer and Ronald Beanblossom, (Bobbs-Merrill, 1975; Hackett, 1983).

· Lehrer, Keith. Thomas Reid, The Arguments of the Philosophers (Routledge, 1989, 1999).

· Dalgarno, Melvin, and Matthews, Eric, eds. The Philosophy of Thomas Reid (Kluwer, 1989).

Other Excellent Sources

· Reid, Thomas. Thomas Reid on the Animate Creation: Papers Relating to the Life Sciences, edited by Paul Wood (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996).

· Reid, Thomas. Practical Ethics: Being Lectures and Papers on Natural Religion, Self-Government, Natural Jurisprudence, and the Law of Nations, edited from the manuscripts with an introduction and a commentary by Knud Haakonssen (Princeton University Press, 1990).

· Reid, Thomas. Thomas Reid's Lectures on Natural Theology (1780), edited by Elmer H. Duncan, with an essay by W.R. Eakin (University Press of America, 1981).

· Reid, Thomas. Thomas Reid's Lectures on the Fine Arts, transcribed from the original manuscript with an introduction by Peter Kivy (Martinus Nijhoff, 1973).

· Ross, Ian S., ed. Unpublished Letters of Thomas Reid to Lord Kames, Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 7 (1965), 17-65.

· Reid, Thomas. The Philosophical Orations of Thomas Reid: Delivered at Graduation Ceremonies in King's College, Aberdeen, 1753, 1756, 1759, 1762, edited with an introduction by W.R. Humphries (Aberdeen: The University Press, 1937); edited, introduction, and bibliography by D.D. Todd, translated from the Latin by S.D. Sullivan (Southern Illinois University Press, 1989).

· Diamond, Peter J. Common Sense and Improvement: Thomas Reid as Social Theorist (Peter Lang, 1998).

· Gallie, Roger D. Thomas Reid: Ethics, Aesthetics, and the Anatomy of the Self, Philosophical Studies Series, Vol. 78 (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998).

· Manns, James W. Reid and His French Disciples: Aesthetics and Metaphysics (Brill, 1994). Reviewed by D. Schulthess in International Studies in Philosophy, 30(2) (1998), 138-139.

· Rowe, William L. Thomas Reid on Freedom and Morality (Cornell University Press, 1992).

· Lehrer, Keith. Metamind (Clarendon Press, 1990).

· Smith, John-Christian, ed. Historical Foundations of Cognitive Science, Philosophical Studies Series, Vol. 46 (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1990).

· Forguson, Lynd. Common Sense (Routledge, 1989).

· Schulthess, Daniel. Philosophie et Sens Commun chez Thomas Reid (Peter Lang, 1983). Reviewed by L. Marcil-Lacoste in Reid Studies, 1 (1986), 34-36.

· Daniels, Norman. Thomas Reid's Inquiry: The Geometry of Visibles and the Case for Realism, foreword by Hilary Putnam (Burt Franklin, 1974).

· Fraser, A. Campbell. Thomas Reid, Famous Scots Series (Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, 1898; Charles Scribner's and Sons, 1907).

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