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China -- Advertising

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is advertising in China.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cheng, Hong (1996). "Advertising in China: A Socialist Experiment." In Katherine T. Frith (ed.), Advertising in Asia: Communication, Culture and Consumption, pp. 73-102. Iowa State University Press.

· Cheng, Hong, and John C. Schweitzer (1996). "Cultural Values Reflected in Chinese and U.S. Television Commercials." Journal of Advertising Research, 36 (3), 27-45.

· Pollay, Richard W., David K. Tse, and Zhengyuan Wang (1990). "Advertising Propaganda, and Value Change in Economic Development: The New Cultural Revolution in China and Attitudes toward Advertising." Journal of Business Research, 20 (March), 83-95.

· Swanson, Lauren A. (1990). "Advertising in China: Viability and Structure." European Journal of Marketing, 24 (10), 19-31.

· Xu, Baiyi (1990). Marketing to China, One Billion New Customers. NTC Business Books.

· Wang, Jian (2000). Foreign Advertising in China: Becoming Global, Becoming Local. Iowa State University Press.

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