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Migrant Worker Health

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the health of migrant workers.


Six Superlative Sources

· American Academy of Family Physicians. 1992. The Vital Role of the Family Physician in the Care of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers. Course #326, Book I, Continuing Education Course. AAFP Scientific Assembly.

· G.E.A. Dever and B. Adams. 1992. Health Survey of Migrant and Black Populations in Tattnall, Toombs, and Candler Counties, Georgia, 1992. Georgia Cooperative Health Manpower Education Program, Area Health Education Center.

· G.E.A. Dever, S.H. Tedders, R.L. Vogel, E. Schafer, and A.P. Eveland. 1998. Some Physician Perceptions of Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Health in 45 Rural Georgia Counties. Journal of Agromedicine 5, no. 3: 61-77.

· G.E.A. Dever. 1989. "A Need to Expand Our Horizon and Look beyond the Immediate." Migrant Health: A National Research Agenda. Prepared for Office of Migrant Health and National Migrant Research Program.

· G.E.A. Dever. 1990. Migrant Health Status: A Community and Program Based Report. Office of Migrant Health and National Migrant Resource Program.

· National Migrant Referral Project. 1991. Assessing Migrant Health Status: A Sampling Plan and Methodology. Migrant Health Newsline 8, no. 4.

Other Excellent Sources

· P.M. Lantz, L. Dupuis, D. Reding, M. Krauska, and K. Lappe. 1994. Peer Discussions of Cancer among Hispanic Migrant Farm Workers. Public Health Reports 109, no. 4: 512-520.

· S. Ciesielski, D. Esposito, J. Protiva, and M. Piehl. 1994. The Incidence of Tuberculosis among North Carolina Migrant Farmworkers, 1991. American Journal of Public Health 84, no. 11: 1836-1838.

· University of Georgia, Institute of Community and Area Development. 1992. Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers in Georgia. Prepared for the Georgia Office of Rural Health.

· T.A. Arcury and S.A. Quandt. 2001. Farmworker Pesticide Exposure and Community-Based Participatory Research: Rationale and Practical Applications. Environmental Health Perspectives 109, supp. 3: 429-434.

· L. McCauley, M. Beltran, et al. 2001. The Oregon Migrant Farmworker Community: An Evolving Model for Participatory Research. Environmental Health Perspectives 109, supp. 3: 449-457.

· C. Austin, T.A. Arcury, S.A. Quandt, J.S. Preisser, R.M. Saavedra, and L.F. Cabrera. 2001. Training Farmworkers about Pesticide Safety: Issues of Control. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 12: 236-249.

· S.A. Quandt, T.A. Arcury, J.S. Preisser, D. Norton, and C.K. Austin. 2000. Migrant Farmworkers and Green Tobacco Sickness: New Issues for an Understudied Disease. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 37, no. 3: 307-315.

· G.E.A. Dever. 1991. Migrant Health Status: Profile of a Population with Complex Health Problems. Migrant Clinicians Network Monograph Series, pp.1-16.

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