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Broadcasting -- United States -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is broadcasting history in the United States.


Six Superlative Sources

· Barnouw, Erik. A Tower in Babel: A History of Broadcasting in the United States, Volume 1--To 1933. Oxford University Press, 1966.

· Barnouw, Erik. Golden Web: A History of Broadcasting in the United States, Volume 2--1933-1953. Oxford University Press, 1968.

· Barnouw, Erik. The Image Empire: A History of Broadcasting in the United States, Volume 3--From 1953. Oxford University Press, 1970.

· Lichty, Lawrence W., and Malachi C. Topping, eds. American Broadcasting: A Sourcebook on the History of Radio and Television. Hastings House, 1975.

· Newcomb, Horace, ed. Encyclopedia of Television. Fitzroy-Dearborn, 1997, 3 vols.

· Sterling, Christopher H., and John Michael Kittross. Stay Tuned: A History of American Broadcasting. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002, 3rd ed.

Other Excellent Sources

· Archer, Gleason L. History of Radio to 1926. American Historical Society, 1938; reprinted by Arno Press, 1971.

· Archer, Gleason L. Big Business and Radio. American Historical, 1939; reprinted by Arno Press, 1971.

· Barnouw, Erik. Tube of Plenty: The Evolution of American Television. Oxford University Press, 1990, 2nd rev. ed.

· Bergreen, Laurence. Look Now, Pay Later: The Rise of Network Broadcasting. Doubleday, 1980.

· Bliss, Edward, Jr. Now the News: The Story of Broadcast Journalism. Columbia University Press, 1991.

· Brown, Les, ed. Les Brown's Encyclopedia of Television. Gale Research, 1992, 3rd ed.

· Chase, Francis, Jr. Sound and Fury, An Informal History of Broadcasting. Harper, 1942.

· Douglas, Susan J. Listening In: Radio and the American Imagination. Times Books, 1999.

· Dunlap, Orrin E., Jr. Dunlap's Radio and Television Almanac. Harper, 1951.

· Editors of Broadcasting. The First 50 Years of Broadcasting. Broadcasting Publications, 1982.

· Godfrey, Donald G., and Frederic A. Leigh, eds. Historical Dictionary of American Radio. Greenwood Press, 1998.

· Goldenson, Leonard H. Beating the Odds: The Untold Story behind the Rise of ABC: The Stars, Struggles, and Egos That Transformed Network Television by the Man Who Made It Happen. Scribner's, 1991.

· Halper, Donna L. Invisible Stars: A Social History of Women in American Broadcasting. M.E. Sharpe, 2001.

· Hilliard, Robert L., and Michael C. Keith. The Broadcast Century and Beyond: A Biography of American Broadcasting. Focal Press, 2001, 3rd ed.

· Hilmes, Michele. Radio Voices: American Broadcasting, 1922-1952. University of Minnesota Press, 1997.

· Inglis, Andrew F. Behind the Tube: A History of Broadcasting Technology and Business. Focal Press, 1990.

· Murray, Michael D., and Donald G. Godfrey, eds. Television in America: Local Station History from across the Nation. Iowa State University Press, 1997.

· Shurick, E.P.J. The First Quarter Century of American Broadcasting. Midland Publishing, 1946.

· Smith, Sally Bedell. In All His Glory: The Life of William S. Paley, the Legendary Tycoon and His Brilliant Circle. Simon and Schuster, 1990.

· Sterling, Christopher H. Electronic Media: A Guide to Trends in Broadcasting and Newer Technologies, 1920-1983. Praeger, 1984.

· Sterling, Christopher H., ed. Encyclopedia of Radio. Fitzroy-Dearborn, 2002, 2 vols.

· United States Early Radio History.

· Watson, Mary Ann. Defining Vision: Television and the American Experience since 1945. Harcourt Brace, 1998.

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