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Early Medici Art Patronage

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is early Medici art.


Six Superlative Sources

· Gombrich, E.H. "The Medici as Patrons of art: a survey of primary sources," ed. E.F. Jacob, Italian Renaissance Studies, 1960, 279-377; repr. in Norm and Form: Studies in the Art of the Renaissance, London: Phaidon Press, 1966, 35-57.

· Cosimo 'il Vecchio' de'Medici, 1389-1464: essays in commemoration of the 600th anniversary of Cosimo de'Medici's birth. Ed. Francis Ames-Lewis. Clarendon Press. 1992.

· The Early Medici and Their Artists. Edited by Francis Ames-Lewis. Birbeck College. 1995.

· Gutkind, Curt S. Cosimo de' Medici. Pater Patriae, 1389-1464. Clarendon Press. 1938.

· Kent, D.V. The Rise of the Medici: faction in Florence, 1426-1434. Oxford University Press. 1978.

· Brown, Alison. The Medici in Florence: the exercise and language of power. L.S. Olschki. 1992.

Other Excellent Sources

· Acidini Luchinat, Christina. The Chapel of the Magi, Benozzo Gozzoli's Frescoes in the Palazzo Medici-Ricardi in Florence. Thames and Hudson Ltd. 1994.

· Rubinstein, Nicolai. The Government of Florence under the Medici (1434-1494). Clarendon Press. 2nd Ed. 1997.

· Hale, J.R. Florence and the Medici: the Pattern of Control. Thames and Hudson. 1977.

· Patronage in the Renaissance. Edited by Guy Fitch Lytle and Stephen Orgel. Princeton Unviersity Press. 1981.

· Patronage, Art and Society in Renaissance Italy. Edited by F.W. Kent and Patricia Simons. Clarendon Press. 1987.

· Bullard, M.M. Filippo Strozzi and the Medici. Cambridge University Press. 1980.

· Ullman, B.L. and P.A. Stadter. The Public Library of Renaissance Florence: Niccolo Niccoli, Cosimo de'Medici and the library of San Marco. Antenore. 1972.

· Hood, William. Fra Angelico at San Marco. Yale University Press. 1993.

· Brown, A.M. "The Humanist Portrait of Cosimo de'Medici, Pater Patriae," Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 24 (1961), 186-221.

· Terry, Allie. The Benchmark of Kings: The Medici Appropriation of the Cult of the Magi in Quattrocento Florence. Master of Arts Thesis. University of Chicago. 1998.

· Blumenthal, A.R. Theater Art of the Medici. Dartmouth College Museum and Galleries. 1980.

· Roscoe, W. The Life of Lorenzo de'Medici. 1800.

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