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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is European castles.


Six Superlative Sources

· Anderson, William. Castles of Europe: From Charlemagne to the Renaissance. Random House, 1970.

· Brown, R. Allen, Sir John Hackett, Michael Prestwich, Charles Coulson, et al. Castles: A History and Guide. Blandford, 1980.

· Castles on the Web.

· Gil, Julio, and Augusto Cabrita. The Finest Castles in Portugal. Verbo, 1986.

· Monreal y Tejada, Louis. Medieval Castles of Spain. Konemann, 1999.

· Viollet-le-Duc, E.E., transl. by M. MacDermott. An Essay on the Military Architecture of the Middle Ages. James Parker and Co., 1860, 1907; reprinted by Greenwood Press, 1977; reprinted by Presidio Press, as Military Architecture, 1990.

Other Excellent Sources

· d'Ursel, Countess Marie-Caroline. Fifty Castles Bring to Life the History of Belgium. Bruxelles, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Tourism, 1971.

· Formilli, C.T.G. The Castles of Italy. A. and C. Black, 1933.

· Götze, Heinz. Castel Del Monte: Geometric Marvel of the Middle Ages. Prestel, 1998.

· Hauswirth, Fritz. Ancient Castles and Historic Mansions in Switzerland. Swiss National Tourist Office, 1975.

· Mrusek, Hans-Joachim, and Irene Roch. Castles of Europe. Hart, 1973.

· Ottendorff-Simrock, Walther, trans. by Barry Jones. Castles on the Rhine. Stollfus Verlag, n.d, 5th ed.

· Ulmer, Christoph, and Gianni D'Affara. The Castles of Friuli. Konemann, 1997.

· Washburn, Oliver D. Castles in Spain. The author, 1957.

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