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Indigenous Languages

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is indigenous languages.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cantoni, Gina (ed). (1996). Stabilizing indigenous languages. Northern Arizona University.

· Fishman, Joshua A. (ed). (2001). Can threatened languages be saved? Multilingual Matters.

· Fishman, Joshua A. (1991). Reversing language shift: Theoretical and empirical foundations of assistance to threatened languages. Multilingual Matters.

· Hornberger, Nancy H. (1997). Indigenous literacies in the Americas: Language planning from the bottom up. Mouton de Gruyter.

· Reyhner, J. (ed). (1997). Teaching indigenous languages. Northern Arizona University.

· Reyhner, Jon, Cantoni, Gina, St. Claire, Robert, and Parsons Yazzie, Evangeline (eds). (1999). Revitalizing indigenous languages. Northern Arizona University.

Other Excellent Sources

· Peacock, Thomas D., Day, Donald R. (1999). Teaching American Indian and Alaska Native languages in the schools: What has been learned. ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools (ERIC Digest EDO RC 99-10).

· Reyhner, J., and Tennant, E. (1995). Maintaining and renewing native languages. Bilingual Research Journal, 19, 279-304.

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