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Motion Pictures -- China

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Chinese films.


Six Superlative Sources

· Jerome Silbergeld, 1999. China into Film: Frames of Reference in Contemporary Chinese Cinema. Reaktion Books. ISBN 1-86189-050-8. A well-known and perceptive art historian of China analyzes 'Fifth Generation' films as an aspect of a larger Chinese artistic and cultural history; appeals to a cross-disciplinary readership.

· Kwok-kan Tam and Wimal Dissanayake, 1998. New Chinese Cinema. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-590607-1. A brief book written for the non-specialist and based on interviews with six major Chinese film directors from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

· Stephen Teo, 1997. Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions. British Film Institute. ISBN 0-85170-496-4. 0-85170-514-6 paperback. Comprehensive treatment of all genres of Hong Kong cinema from entertainment to avant-garde art films, with extensive filmography; exceptionally well written.

· The Oxford History of World Cinema, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, ed., 1996. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-811257-2. "China before 1949," by Chris Berry, pp. 409-413. "China after the Revolution," by Esther Yau, pp. 693-704. "Popular Cinema in Hong Kong," by Li Cheuk-to, pp. 704-711. "Taiwanese New Cinema," by June Yip, pp. 711-713. Excellent and concisely written summaries by major scholars in the field.

· Nick Browne, Paul G. Pickowicz, Vivian Sobchack, and Esther Yau, 1994. New Chinese Cinemas: Forms, Identities, Politics. University of Cambridge. ISBN 0-521-44409-8. Collection of papers by well-known scholars of Chinese cinema.

· Chris Berry, 1991. Perspectives on Chinese Cinema. British Film Institute. ISBN 0-85170-271-6. O-85170-272-4 0 paperback. Collection of essays by well-known scholars of Chinese cinema.

Other Excellent Sources

· Asian Cinema, bi-annual publication of Asian Cinema Studies Society.

· Lu, Sheldon Hsiao-peng, 1997. Transnational Chinese Cinemas. University of Hawaii Press. ISBN 0-8248-1845-8.

· Zhang Xudong, 1997. Chinese Modernism in the Era of Reforms: Cultural Fever, Avant-Garde Fiction, and the New Chinese Cinema. Duke University Press. ISBN 0-8223-1846-6.

· Zhang Yingjin, 1996. The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Film. Stanford University Press. ISBN 0-8047-2682-5.

· Chow, Rey, 1995. Primitive Passions: Visuality, Sexuality, Ethnography, and Contemporary Chinese Cinema. Columbia University Press. Film and Culture Series. ISBN 0-231-07683-5.

· Brandon, James R., 1993. Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre, "China," pp. 26-59. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-41623-X.

· Semsel, George, Chen Xihe, and Xia Hong, 1993. Film in Contemporary China: Critical Debates, 1979-1989. Praeger. ISBN 0-275-94048-9. Translations from Chinese.

· Semsel, George S., Xia Hong, and Hou Jianping, eds., 1990. Chinese Film Theory: A Guide to the New Era. Praeger. ISBN 0-275-93103-X. Translations from Chinese.

· Clark, Paul, 1987. Chinese Cinema: Culture and Politics since 1949. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-32638-9.

· Leyda, Jay, 1972. Dianying / Electric Shadows: An Account of Films and the Film Audience in China. MIT Press. ISBN 0-262-12046-1. A standard reference for Chinese film history up to 1967.

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