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Community Colleges and Workforce Development

The following sources are recommended by an academic administrator whose research specialty is community colleges and workforce development.


Six Superlative Sources

· American Association of Community Colleges, Association of Community College Trustees. (2000). The Knowledge Net, A Report of the New Expeditions Initiative: Connecting Communities, Learners, and Colleges. AACC.

· Bragg, Sadie, Chair. (December, 1998). Investing in Tomorrow's Teachers: The Integral Role of Two-Year Colleges in the Science and Mathematics Preparation of Prospective Teachers. NSF: Division of Undergraduate Education, Directorate for Education and Human Resources.

· Garza, Hector, and Eller, Ronald. (1998). The role of rural community colleges in expanding access and economic development. New Directions for Community Colleges: Creating and Benefiting from Institutional Collaboration: Models for Success (ed. McGrath, Dennis), 103, Fall, 31-41.

· Kisner, Mary J., Mazza, Maralyn J., and Liggett, David R. (1997). Building partnerships. New Directions for Community Colleges: School-to-Work Systems: The Role of Community Colleges in Preparing Students and Facilitating Transitions (ed. Farmer, Edgar, and Key, Cassy), 97, Spring, 23-28.

· Mobley, Catherine. (2001). The impact of community colleges on the school-to-work transition: A multilevel analysis. Community College Review, 28 (4), 1-30.

· Rendon, Laura. (2000). Fulfilling the promise of access and opportunity: Collaborative community colleges for the 21st century. New Expeditions, Issues Paper No. 3. Community College Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Carnevale, Anthony P., and Desrochers, Donna M. (2001). Help Wanted -- Credentials Required: Community Colleges in the Knowledge Economy. Community College Press.

· Davis, Stan, and Botkin, Jim. (1994). The Monster under the Bed: How Business is Mastering the Opportunity of Knowledge for Profit. Simon and Schuster.

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