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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is semiotics.


Six Superlative Sources

· The Center for Applied Semiotics. Indiana University.

· Danesi, M. ( 1998). Sign, Thought and Culture. Canadian Scholars' Press.

· Innis, R. (Ed.). (1983). Semiotics: An Introductory Anthology. Indiana University Press.

· Ransdell, J. Arisbe: The Peirce Gateway.

· Ryder, M. Semiotics. University of Colorado at Denver.

· Sebeok, T. (1994). Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics. University of Toronto Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cunningham, D.J. (1992). Beyond educational psychology: Steps toward an educational semiotic. Educational Psychology Review, 4, 165-194.

· Cunningham, D. J. Cognition and Semiotics. Indiana University.

· Cunningham, D.J. (1998). Cognition as semiosis: The role of inference. Theory and Psychology, 8, 827-840.

· Buchler, J. (Ed.). (1955). Philosophical Writings of Peirce. Dover.

· Deely, J. (1982). Introducing Semiotics. Indiana University Press.

· Deely, J. (1990). Basics of Semiotics. Indiana University Press.

· Deely, J., Williams, B., and Kruse, F. (Eds.). (1986). Frontiers of Semiotics. Indiana University Press.

· Eco, U. (1976). A Theory of Semiotics. Indiana University Press.

· Eco, U. (1990). The Limits of Interpretation. Indiana University Press.

· Fiske, J. (1982). Introduction to Communication Studies. Methuen.

· Gardner, H. (1985). The Mind's New Science. Basic Books.

· Hawkes, T. (1977). Structuralism and Semiotics. University of California Press.

· Lakoff, G., and Johnson, M. (1980). Metaphors We Live By. University of Chicago Press.

· Lemke, J. (1990). Talking Science: Language, Learning and Values. Ablex.

· Maturana, H.R., and Varela, F.J. (1987). The Tree of Knowledge: The Biological Roots of Human Understanding. New Science Library.

· Noth, Winfried. (1990). Handbook of Semiotics. Indiana University Press.

· Solomon, J. (1988). The Signs of Our Time. Jeremy P. Tarcher.

· Sebeok, T. (1991). A Sign Is Just a Sign. Indiana University Press.

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