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Africa -- Politics and Government

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is politics and government in Africa.


Six Superlative Sources

· Herbst, Jeffrey. States and Power in Africa: Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control (Princeton University Press, 2000).

· Bayart, Jean-Francois. The State in Africa: The Politics of the Belly (Longman, 1993).

· Reno, William. Warlord Politics and African States (Lynne Rienner, 1998).

· van de Walle, Nicolas. African Economies and the Politics of Permanent Crisis, 1979-1999 (Cambridge University Press, 2001).

· Schatzberg, Michael. Political Legitimacy in Middle Africa (Indiana University Press, 2001).

· Jackson, Robert, and Carl Rosberg. "Why Africa's Weak States Persist: The Empirical and the Juridical in Statehood," World Politics 35, 1 (1982), pp. 1-24.

Other Excellent Sources

· Africa Confidential.

· Africa Politics Online.

· The Africa Program of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

· African Politics and Government on the Internet. Stanford University.

· Ekeh, Peter. "Colonialism and the Two Publics in Africa: A Theoretical Statement," Comparative Studies in Society and History 17, 1 (1975), pp. 91-112.

· Engelbert, Pierre. State Legitimacy and Development in Africa (Lynne Rienner, 2000).

· Hyden, Goran. No Shortcuts to Progress: African Development Management in Perspective (University of California Press, 1983).

· The Keele Guide to African Government and Politics on the Internet. Keele University.

· Posner, Daniel. Institutions and Ethnic Politics in Africa (Cambridge University Press, 2005).

· Sandbrook, Richard. "The State and Economic Stagnation in Tropical Africa," World Development 14, 3 (1986), pp. 319-33.

· The World Factbook. U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

· Young, Crawford. The African Colonial State in Comparative Perspective (Yale University Press, 1994).

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